Drapers stand at LDI this year had some interesting products, especially as the use of projected video content is being used more and more.

Their eProfile + is a redesign of the popular Profile screen by Draper.  The many new features include being the largest of it’s kind in the industry up 30’ wide with a bezel of only ½” or even zero edge, it can look like it’s floating.  There are no mullions on this screen either, these screens can be put together with multiples screens with zero separation.  You could add LED’s around the edge to create a dramatic effect.

These screens ship unassembled for easier transportation to the final location.  No fighting to get them up stairs, around corners, through doorways, or any of the other difficult roadblocks for large format screens.

Viewing surfaces for this screen are plentiful from the TecVision and OptiFlex families.

Ambient Light Rejecting Surface- CS1200X ALR-  Draper has worked with TecVision to create screen surfaces that actually reject ambient light, making it easier to project in multiple atmospheres.    This particular screem CS1200X ALR was designed for spaces with high ambient light and narrow viewing angles.  The throw distance for best brightness is 1.8:1 or longer.    For the best viewing it is best if the closest seat is 2x the height of the image from the screen.

Not new at LDI but new to me were the MS1000X ALR that rejects 73% of ambient light and is best for moderate viewing angles. Also XH900X ALR which rejects 60% of ambient light and wide viewing angles.  All of these surfaces are 8k ready, they can also come perforated and Nano perforated for 4K ready.

Draper has long been a supplier of video conferencing equipment.  This year they introduced the Video Conferencing Camera Lift-Ceiling.  This lift will Conceal the camera in the ceiling until it is needed.  The lift installs behind the screen.  After reading the installation manual it seems very easy to install. The case is compactly built for larger cameras handling up to 15lbs.   The travel on the scissor arm is 0”-120”.   This product joins Drapers line of Camera lifts for video conferencing.

Stage Screen- is a system for building large format screen frames, either free-standing or flown.  The interchangeable parts can be sued together to build frames of various sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in constructing your frame. The 8” truss section provides a durable stronger frame than traditional folding screens. Custom sizes are available.  The maximum size is 120’ wide. The frame can come in either silver anodized or black.  The pieces are color coded for easy assembly with no hinges or snaps. They are connected using permanently attached threaded links and guide pins.

The viewing surface attaches via the Duraloop bungee cord.  This provides a self-centering flat viewing surface.  This system is very impressive and easy to use.


Da-Lite, a Milestone AV Technology Brand

Fast-Fold NXT is a stronger, faster and simpler screen system for rental and staging environments. The re-invented design features a stronger extrusion, hinge, and corner as well as new height adjustment that allows the viewing area to be raised and lowered easily. A new case design upgrades the storage and transport capabilities and provides a foldable 4K-ready surface. The Fast-Fold NXT also offers new surface formulation and binding, with clips used for surface attachment, RF weld for clean lines, and a vinyl binding for easier attachment and flexibility.