New “Darknet” fabrics have been specially treated to provide a high gain, high-resolution projection surface.  Nebula Net when stretched taut in front of an audience becomes difficult to perceive. Images can then be projected on the material creating a holographic effect.

Printhead Studio is a new division of Rose Brand specializing in soft fabric printing as well as vinyl and flooring materials.  Delivered via direct dispersion, water based inks are infused into the fibers of the fabric instead of printed just on top of it. Soft fabrics offer huge advantages over the traditional stiff substrates used in UV or latex printing.  Wrinkles quickly stretch or steam away during installation. There is no risk of cracking or creasing and no need for long, expensive shipping tubes.


Dazian introduced their Celtic line as an alternative to duvetyn. It is much like a banjo lightweight fabric. It is popular for more pipe and drape and masking. It is available in black, blue, red and white. List price is about $12.25 per yard. They can also do printing on this fabric. They purchased two new printing machines and can do true printing up to 16’.