Lex Products

LEX Products released its new EverGrip Soft Connector Strip.  The days of a rigid trough are a thing of the past.  This new flexible solution offers the same connector variety and customization as a tradition connector strips but cost far less to ship and can be installed by one person.  Mount this on your next electric or catwalk and easily move it around from event to event with Socapex input connectors.  Perfect for relay loads required by today’s LED systems, the 12 AWG wiring system can power up to 6-circuits and can have each of its outlets color-coded to easily identify phasing.  Pigtail or panel mount, C-clamp or U-bolt, it’s all possible with the EverGrip Soft Connector Strip.

The days of cable banding your power and data together are over.  LEX Products introduced Its new PowerData Cable combining the two in a common jacket.  The Molded “y” construction won’t deteriorate over the service life of the extension.  The power cable supports up to 20 amps, 120 VAC and can be terminated using Edison, Stage Pin, Locking connectors or powerCON connectors.  The Data can be terminated with XLRs, RJ45 or etherCONs.

LEX Products introduced is now EverGrip powerCON Extender providing a means to link powerCON extensions together.  The 12 AWG SJOOW, rugged Thermoplastic overmolded power cable supports up to 20amps and is available in any length.