High End Systems

High End Systems presents a unique fixture offering in the TurboRay.  Appearing on the surface to be a standard wash fixture, the unit features a “retro” look with radial diffuser blades to break up and spread out the beam.  However, this unit is based on an RGBW LED engine which can be controlled in quadrants, offering some very distinct beam based looks.  Combined with the custom animated gobo wheel, the fixture offers an outstanding array of combinations for aerial effects.  When utilized as a wash fixture, the unit features an 8° to 24° beam angle range.  The unit is based around four 60 watt RGBW LED engines and boasts an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours. 

            High End Systems also introduces the SolaPix series of LED wash fixtures.  Available in three sizes, the line consists of the SolaPix 7, the SolaPix 19, and the SolaPix 37, with the number referring to the quantity of LED emitters in the fixture.  The LED emitters are 40 watt RGBW chips and are capable of blending a color temperature ranging from 2800K to 8000K.  The units are capable of a versatile 4.5° to 60° zoom range.  There is a built in effects generator option for end users who choose not to do their own pixel mapping.  The design of the lens optics gives the fixture a unique look when compared to other competing units.  The SolaPix 7 and 19 units are available now, with the SolaPix 37 expected to be available in early 2020.


Martin by Harman

Martin increases their presence in the automated LED fixture market with the expansion of their ERA series.  The ERA 400 Performance WRM and CLD fixtures both feature 300 watt LED white light engines and a 1:3 zoom range.  The ERA 600 Performance features a 550 watt LED white light engine and a 1:8 zoom range.  The ERA 800 Performance features an 800 watt LED white light engine and a 1:8 zoom range.  All of the fixtures feature a full curtain framing shutter system, along with CMY color mixing, color wheels, rotating and static gobos, iris, and prisms.  Frost and animation wheels are included in the 600 and 800 units.  All of these units should be available early in the first quarter of 2020.

Martin has also added the lamp based ERA 500 Hybrid IP fixture to the ERA range.  The fixture boasts an output of 22,000 lumens from a 370W short arc lamp with an extended lamp life of 6,000 hours.  A true hybrid fixture, the unit functions in three distinct modes: Beam, Spot, and Wash, and features a 1:20 zoom range.  The IP65 rating allows the fixture to be used in challenging environmental conditions.  The unit features full CMY color mixing, in addition to a color wheel that has three different CTO filters along with a range of saturated colors.  Finally, the unit features two prisms that can be utilized simultaneously, allowing for a wide array of mid-air effects in conjunction with the static and rotating gobo wheels.  This fixture will be available in April of 2020.



Aquarii, “Innovative LED Lighting Solutions”, presents a full range of fixtures designed for house lighting applications.  Four lines of fixtures, the Zino, the Axceleron, the Rheos, and the Navae can all be adapted to suit the specific requirements of nearly any performance, worship, or assembly venue. A wide variety of options can be specified including output wattage, color temperature, beam angle, housing color and finish, mounting type, wiring terminals, and control methods including constant, line dimming, 0-10V control, and DMX-512.  Accessories are also available to control beam shape and prevent glare.  Exterior customization is one of their areas of specialization, with most fixture housings being available in custom finishes, colors, or even custom graphics.


Anolis by Robe

Anolis has spent the year revamping their line and showed their new fixtures at LDI. 

Ambiane XPSpecifically designed for large theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, houses of worship and hotel foyers that require general ambient light, with the added ability to create mood, the Ambiane XP is the ideal, stylish solution. 

This high-performance RGBW luminaire delivers in excess of 6.000 lm and is optimal for adjusting ambiance via its super-smooth color mixing abilities.

Available in 30, 45 or 60° beam spreads Ambiane XP provides perfect coverage of any area. 

The incorporation of Anolis’ L3TM (Low Light Linearity) dimming system allows seamless fades to black even when mixed with traditional sources. With no UV or IR emissions, this fixture is  ideal for museum applications. 

The  fixture is easily controlled via DMX or DALI and is RDM compatible.

Ambiane XP has been designed for easy installation and is perfect to retrofit into existing PAR 56 size cut-outs. 

The other fixtures shown on the booth were the linear Eminere, which is now available as an inground option as well as wall grazer and wall washer, also on hand were the Divine series (160 and 72) and the ArcSource family.



Neutrik has released its “TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION” product line to serve the permanently increasing demands of the entertainment industry. This new range is approved for outdoor use according to UL50E and is UV resistant and IP65 rated. Connectors available include etherCON (receptacles & cable connectors), XLR (chassis & cable connectors), and powerCON TRUE1 (cable, appliance & rubber sealing covers).

Neutrik also showed off a range of small DANTE interfaces, the “Line I/O to Dante Interface” and the “Mic, Line, AES/EBU I/O to Dante Interface”. Both are available as stand-alone with rubber cover and with rack mount kit.

The new opticalCON DRAGONFLY fiber optic connector series provides a ruggedized and low maintenance hybrid cable connector for indoor/outdoor use, dust and waterproof to IP68 in mated condition and with Fusion Splice Technology making it field repairable. Lastly, for space-sensitive applications, Neutrik has developed the asymmetric push tab (for chassis connectors). By using this new design, a vertical (stacking) space-saving of approx. 20% can be achieved.


H&H Specialties

H&H Specialties have been in the business of manufacturing stage curtain track, curtain machines, and stage rigging equipment since 1967. Following their move to a new production facility in 2014, H&H Specialties have been able to continuously update and increase their in-house machinery. Today 95% of all products are made entirely in-house. These increased production capabilities allow H&H Specialties to design and produce almost all special and custom rigging solutions. As part of a broader push to increase reliability and longevity while at the same time decreasing maintenance costs H&H Specialties have also made a transition to precision gears in almost all of their products.



New this year from Robe at LDI 2019 is the Esprite moving head.  It is the first high powered LED Profile moving light to have a fully removable/replaceable LED light engine.  Robe wanted to address the problem that white Source LED engines cannot last forever and vary in color consistency over time.  The result is the 650w White Transferable Engine (WTE) light source that outputs 27,000 lm and produces a piercing brightness of 85,000 lux at 16 ft.  The Esprite embraces Robe’s spirit of innovation and determination to ensure that products remain ground-breaking and relevant in a highly competitive marketplace.

Tetra2 Light Curtain generates an ultra-bright 45-degree beam from each of its 18 pixels, The Robe Tetra can create a seamless curtain of light measuring 6,700 total lm.  A 10:1 zoom range washes out to 45 degrees for use as a footlight, wall grazer or dynamic in-air effect with fast-paced sweeping movements.      

Below is the show they did at PLASA in October – it’s very close to the LDI show – when we see the LDI version we’ll get it posted.

Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics new iColor Flex LMX gen 2 brings large, high-intensity, full color LED nodes together on a string to achieve extraordinary effects and extensive installation. iColor Flex adapts easily to any small, large, or inbetween project, and can be used for large-scale signage, building-façade covering video, and other 2d and 3d instrallations. Multiple lensing options are available to help with beam spread and the look of the LED to make the nodes visually appropriate. iColor Flex is available in standard and custom spacing node spacing, custom strand length, and is easily adaptable in the field. All nodes are outdoor-rated IP66, and can be mounted directly on a surface or substrate, or in a custom wire mesh for grid-like applications. Flex comes available in RGB, tunable white, and static white (in multiple color temperatures). Flex is controllable via Color Kinetics controllers, which can easily take in DMX, and many legacy color kinetics controllers.


Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies was showing the capabilities of their CueServer Software Release 4.0.

4.0 is a major step forward for capabilities for the CueServer line that includes:

Web Stations 

Custom touchscreen layouts created using CueServer Studio can be published to virtually any device with a web browser. iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, or even our own Insite touchscreen – they all work the same way. Need to deploy lighting controls on large format touchscreen or mobile devices?


It’s like an App Store for CueServer. Users can extend the functionality of CueServer by simply dragging one of many available plugins into a project file. Need to control Hue lights or change scenes based on the weather? CueServer can do that!


CueServer is now multi-lingual. Users have always been able to use CueScript to program CueServer with commands like Cue 1 Go and Channel 3 @ 50. Now users can mix and match JavaScript code in their projects too. Need complicated logic or want to write your own Plugin? You’re good to go!

Functions & Event Handlers

CueServer programmers rejoice! Create subroutines in CueScript with Functions, and use Event Handlers to provide custom behavior for external triggers. These geeky things make programming CueServer even easier.


Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC’s new product offerings include the up coming Eos Augnent3d programming environment, bundled within the new Eos console family software version 3.0. Augment3d enables programmers, console operators, and users from all backgrounds to control, visualize, and design in a fully integrated 3 dimensional space. Augment3d runs natively within Eos v3.0, and can function on any Windows 7 EOS family console with a display port. Augment3d can also function on a separate Mac or PC connected to your console network. Augment3d supports most major 3D files such as .3DS, .DXF, .OBJ, .FBX, and Vectorworks files.

Augment3d was built with all aspects of the lighting design process in mind. Augment3d allows you to move/position/rotate/scale your lighting objects in 3d. Augment3d also natively understands truss and lighting positions. Programming features for Augment3d include Fixture Position Estimation, Blind Preview, Live visualization, and the new Focus Wand tool. Fixture Position Estimation allows users to map their stage in 3d by focusing multiple focus points to reference the space. Once the focus points are recorded (like you would any palate in Eos software), Augment3d can calculate where the fixtures are located in space. Once your rig is set up within the Augment3d, it automatically visualizes Intensity, Focus, Color, and beam parameters in a visualization tab. Since Augment3d is fully integrated within Eos, it can follow the status (live or blind) of the console its connected to. Augment3d will follow along if you are in live or blind. The Focus Wand feature will be provided in a new update to the iRFR/aRFR app, and allows users to interact with the fixtures from your mobile device’s point of view.


Below you can see Lowel Olcott putting it through the paces recorded at USITT earlier this year.

DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti Lighting unveiled their new line of  Variable White + Color ( VW+C  )  Fresnels and Softlights at LDI this year.   Their unique system utilizes the same Bi-Color White LED’s found in the Variable White fixtures but have added a new phosphor based  Red, Green, Blue & Amber color mixing system.  The Variable White + Color is offered in a variety of fixtures including : Super LED F6, Super LED F10, Soft LED4, and Soft LED 8.  The VW+C  LED Engine inside these fixtures produces a strong, soft quality of light.

De Sisti  VW+Color is controlled through 7 modes allowing the end user to pick a method that suites their application.

  1. Standard 6 color mixing
  2. Preset Gels + Referral source
  3. Variwhite mode + 4 colors
  4. Variwhite mode + color correction (+/- green +/- Cyan….)
  5. Hue Saturation intensity
  6. X, Y coordinates (extremely precise as based on 4 colors instead only RGB)
  7. Effects.

Johnson Systems, Inc

Johnson Systems introduced a simple yet revolutionary new control system use with new and existing dimmer panels.  Presidor Wall Stations combine capacitive touch stations with a simple user interface to offer an entry level architectural control system or DMX back up controller.  Presidor Wall Stations utilize a single gang full color touch screen to store and playback a full DMX universe of 512 channels.  Programming is achieved using on-board controls, Bluetooth interface, or a snapshot feature from a lighting control console.  Presidor Wall Stations  can store up to 70 presets, and are connected to other stations using standard CAT 5 or CAT 6 cabling.  When paired with the new Presidor Room Linker/Combiner up to 25 rooms can be effectively controlled.



Big buzz at Arri this year is the newest addition to the Arri LED lighting fixture line of products, the Orbiter. This 500w, 33lb fixture offers a very long list of groundbreaking features.    

ARRI Spectra six-color light engine includes a red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LED chipset making for a greater color range than the Arri Skypanel.  The unique array is made up of 190 LEDs that are 76 times smaller than the engine used in the Arri L10 fixture.  The CCT variables white light ranges between 2,000 and 20,000 degrees Kelvin and an average CRI > 98, average TLCI > 95 and average TM-30 > 94   It control interface supports a new integrated color sensor for matching ambient light.  This new feature complement the seven traditional Arri control modes including CCT, HSI, individual color, x/y coordinates, gel and source matching and lighting effects already found in the Skypanel control interface.   Orbiters Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) supports a variety of interchangeable optics including open face lenses including 15, 30 and 60 degrees, two different Ellipsoidal zoom ranges, three different Ellipsoidal fixed beam angles including 15, 25 and 35 degrees, three different dome optics including small (10in.), medium (20in.), large (35in.) and the light bank adapter for all your Chimera accessories.    

Take your Orbiter with you on the road with its Weatherproof Housing for use in all kinds of bad weather conditions including temperatures ranging from -4 to 113 degrees.    

Orbiter also has a Three-axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer to track pan, tilt, roll and heading, along with heat sensors for temperature control and an ambient light sensor that automatically dims the control-panel display.

The device is driven by Arri’s Lighting Operation System (LiOS) which has a new user interface accessed via a removable control panel with a four-inch display.

Connectivity options support Ethernet daisy-chaining, two USB-A ports for operating-system updates as well as Wi-Fi dongles and other third-party peripherals. LumenRadio’s CRMX technology is built-in for wireless DMX control, and two five-pin XLR DMX ports enable conventional DMX and RDM. It also includes a 48v DC input and supports an AC voltage range between 100v and 260v. 

Arri says the Orbiter is on track to begin shipments hopefully by the beginning of Q2 2020.  


ADJ (American DJ)

ADJ’s new ‘VS’ Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis. Each model in the range features four individual modules, which are front and rear serviceable, making it ideal for both temporary hanging and permanent wall mounting. The modules are all mounted to the same frame, allowing panels of different resolutions to be used together and meaning that the same rigging bar and road case can be used for all VS models. The panels feature in-built corner protectors as well as an innovative setup mechanism featuring magnets that can be used to temporarily connect two units together, allowing users to let go of the panel to free their hands to engage the secure latching system on the rear. This means that a single user can install a full wall of Vision Series panels singlehandedly. The VS Series will launch with three panel models. The VS5 offers a 5.95mm pixel pitch, the VS3 has a 3.91mm pixel pitch and the VS2 offers the highest resolution in the range with a 2.97mm pixel pitch. All panels feature the highest quality LEDs for crisp, clear output and offer a brightness of 1000 NITS and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz. The VS Series is completed by the VSFC8 flight case, a robust wheeled road trunk designed to transport and protect up to 8 panels, and the VSRB1 rigging bar, which can be used to vertically hang or ground stack up to 20 VS panels.

The Hydro Series is ADJ’s flagship IP65-rated moving head range, offering lighting professionals high quality, yet affordable, fixtures that are sealed from liquid, humidity, dust, and dirt. The robust line-up includes The Hydro Beam X1 and X2, Hydro Wash X7 and X19.

For an example of what they can do, the new Hydro Wash X19, which is the latest model to join the range. A potent and punchy wash luminaire, the unit is powered by 19 x Osram 40W RGBW (4-in-1) LEDs. It offers a wealth of features including motorized focus (6 ~ 40-degrees), WiFLY wireless DMX, 6 dimmer curve modes, and gamma correction as well as fine pan, tilt, and dimming control.

Also on the stand was the new ADJ FS3000LED Follow Spot. It is a powerful and feature-packed follow spot powered by a potent 300W, 3000K warm white COB LED engine with a CRI of 98. The unit generates a powerful spotlight ideal for tracking performers on concert and theatre stages. It features digital dimming, an adjustable beam angle of 12 to 44-degrees, framing shutters and a GOBO slot.

The fixture supports both DMX and IR remote control, with an intuitive touchscreen interface on the rear panel facilitating DMX addressing and mode selection. It also takes 3 and 5 pin DMX for data linking. In addition, a convenient rotary brightness control on the back panel makes for easy manual control, while two large rear handles allow for comfortable manual positioning.  You can update the unit via USB for firmware updates. 

Light Output: 41190 LUX @ 2M; 11060 @4M (12-degree), 4871 LUX @2M; 1306 LUX @4M (44-degree)

All of this for an incredibly affordable price and compact size.



Fiilex will have a new fixture coming out in 2020. It is the Q5 Fresnel. It’s a 5” Fresnel similar to its big brother, the Q8 travel. It will have the same engine as the Matrix units. It will be much more compact than the Q8 and plenty powerful. It is still a prototype at the moment but will be released sometime soon in 2020.

Fiilex has also come out with a convenient 5” soft box bag for their smaller units like the P360PP. Very cool little soft bag for the units and looks great! It has semi rigid /flexible frame that is similar to a small rectangle. Produces nice diffuse light and produces a great look. Also great for track mount option fixtures as well.

Fiilex Wall Controller is designed for easy integration into Fiilex track LED installations. The controller allows for streamlined remote operation of Fiilex track lights via direct settings adjustments or programmable scenes. It comes in black and white varieties.

  • DMX512 & RDM ready
  • Intuitive touch-button interface
  • Streamlined multi-group control
  • Programmable scheduling for automated lighting
  • customizable scenes
  • Extended features with updatable firmware
  • Low profile installation via 1-gang or surface mounting
  • Portrait or landscape screen orientation



Buckle your horses, Marinco’s got a new thing coming. They are adapters but without the pigtail! The “point-of-contact” adapters are designed with a female power input and male power output. They will be made of molded plastic, will function essentially the same way as adapters we are currently used to, but will lack the cable portion and instead feature the plug directly. They have PowerCon to stagepin, stagepin to Edison, Edison to Powercon, Powercon to Edison, et al.


Hubbell, Inc.

Hubbell has exciting new products coming soon. Their RFID enabled Asset Monitoring Wiring Devices allow for quick and easy scans of an entire container of wires and connectors, without having to handle individual cable sets.

The unique RFID technology is incredibly powerful and accurate. Also, it is integral to the wiring device so it can’t easily fall off or be removed.

The Asset Monitoring Wiring Devices feature industrial duty and molded-in RFID tags, are retrofittable to existing wiring devices, can be read through baskets of cable, track specific attributes such as color and cable length per asset, integrate with simple data collection solutions, and can be customized to facility requirements.


Airstar America

Airstar’s newest RGBW fixture is called the Neo. It’s an LED light tube ideal for special events, fashion shows, music festivals, or as part of a creative set. It features a pressure system allowing it to self-inflate without a fan, and self-deflate just by unzipping it at the bottom.

You can choose between white or RGBW LEDs in sizes of 2m or 3m, with a 1m option coming soon. It has an IP54 rating, is controllable via 5-pin DMX, only uses 4 channels, and the white LED version is controllable via Bluetooth by downloading an app on either Android or Apple handheld devices.

It also features an optional tilting floor plate that tilts up to 45 degrees.


2019 LDI Show Report

Barbizon Lighting exhibited at the LDI 2019 show held in Las Vegas November 22-24, 2019.

Our team searched the floor for the latest and greatest items being released.

Below are many of the products we ran across on the floor at this year’s show.

If you feel we missed something or need an update to a product/description, feel free to email us at inquiry@barbizon.com.

Thanks for stopping by!