The Xtend XPC Power Control Series is composed of independently located remote relay modules that offer flexibility in installation and control.

The XPC Power Control Series, brings professional and dependable control to every venue, regardless of your wall space or power needs. With a range of products from a standalone 20 or 30 amp cube enclosure to a hardwired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20-amp circuits. This series brings automation to every installation regardless of size or location.

The family includes:

  • *XRM 20 Relay Module: a stand-alone 20A cube enclosure with two independent relays to control the two onboard duplex plugs
  •  XRM 30 Relay Module: a stand-alone 30A cube enclosure with a single relay switch that controls a single 30A L5-30 receptacle
  •  XRS 20 Rack Sequencer: a 1RU rack-mounted enclosure powered from a 20A circuit to provide control to three duplex receptacles, each of which has its own relay switch for onboard sequencing
  •  XRS 80 Rack Sequencer: a hard-wired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20A circuits that power four corresponding duplexes, each with its own relay switch to provide onboard control

Vari*Lite / Strand

Vari-Lite and Strand made a big impression at LDI 2019 in Las Vegas. With a large booth front-and-center at the convention hall, it was difficult to miss the two brands as they presented their latest entertainment lighting products.

To make it easier for customers to find the products most relevant to them, the booth was split into two sections: one for the production market and one for the installation market. The production section of the booth featured a full lighting rig running a music light show as well as demonstrations highlighting the VL6000 Series, VL2600 Series, VL800 Series, VL10 Beamwash, and VL5LED Wash (more on that below). The light show was programmed and run using a Strand NEO Console.

In the installation area, visitors received hands on experience with Vari-Lite and Strand’s most popular installation products. A dedicated console area was included, showing off the new Strand NEO Compact 10 Console along with the recently released Strand NEO v3.10 software update that provides a number of requested feature updates and bug fixes. The installation area also included an interactive systems wall with a complete, integrated solution from Vari-Lite and Strand featuring control, power distribution, data distribution, and luminaires. Vari-Lite VL800 Series event fixtures had a dedicated section of the installation area as well, where they were joined by the upcoming Vari-Lite VL800 Eventprofile.

Pocket Console / BCI

Baxter was showing their Best Boy 2 console.  Just like their 8 Sub-master workhorse, the PLAYBACK-8. It gives you the same 8 Channels of control as the Playback model and its ability to Record up to 8 Sub-masters for calling back 8 exact looks. Built to take it in an armored case with an etched faceplate. AND the NEW BEST BOY-2 sells for $200 LESS than the old BEST BOY!


Right on time for the industry’s leading trade show in the US, Swisson introduces the fully RDM capable single channel sine wave dimmer to the North American market. The new model offers all the advantages of sine wave dimming known from previous Swisson dimmers, such as the elimination of filament sing, interference and electrical disturbances, optimised for the operation with a 120V grid.

Delivering 2.4 kW with a weight below 7 lbs, this compact dimmer is ideal for any application where dimmable luminaries are employed, while being very competitively priced!

The XND series has been supporting Art-Net 4 for several months. With the latest firmware release (XND-4: V1.02 / XND-8: V0.98), Swisson’s Ethernet DMX nodes now also support DMX inputs. That feature allows for converting a DMX signal into Art-Net or sACN.

Additionally, you can now also access the port options by simply double-clicking the button located next to each port.

The XES-2T6 comes with two aggregated trunk ports for a redundant, high-throughput connection between switches and six additional etherCON ports which can easily be assigned to groups (VLANs) that may participate in completely independent networks.

Similar to the 8-port switch XES-8G, the XES-2T6 is preconfigured so that in addition to protocols such as Art-Net and sACN, Dante can be run without the need of making additional settings. Moreover, the XES-2T6 has two built-in, independent power supply units allowing for a further improvement of the operating reliability.

Quasar Science

Quasar Science had some interesting new items at LDI 2019.

The new RR Linear LED Lights are elegant, compact and filled with incredible features. This sleek new design advances Quasar’s tubular form factor by doubling the width but retaining the low-profile shape that gets the RR into all the same tight spaces as legacy Quasar lights. The RR is offered in two lengths: RR100 at 46 in/117 cm and RR50 at 23 in/59 cm.

Affectionately dubbed the “Double Rainbow,” the RR has two rows of pixels expanding the animation and FX capabilities into a whole new realm, ideal for process car work and special lighting effects. The RR50 packs in 24 pixels, and the RR100 features 48 separate pixels. All with pixel selection to give the user maximum control. 

The RR features onboard universal AC power 100-240VAC and auxiliary DC input from 12-24 volts.  Color always comes first at Quasar Science, so our RGBx technology enables our lights to score an SSI rating of between 76 (daylight), and 91(Tungsten), and a CRI/TLCI score of 95+. Dimming is just as important as maintaining the brightness Quasar has always lived up to. Improved low-end dimming gets these lights closer to a true 1% than ever before.

Quasar has also held onto our wireless DMX through LumenRadio, while adding sACN, Artnet, and the ability to be controlled wirelessly through CRMX, Wifi, and Bluetooth, which gives you the broadest choices for data connectivity. 

The Swaptics™ Interchangeable Lens System

Also available as an optional accessory is our new Swaptics™ Interchangeable Lens System. The slim diffuser (included with the lights) and two swappable lenses, the Light Barrel™ large diffuser, and the Light Magnifier™ projection lens, are available for purchase.

Introducing the R2, the sequel to the original Rainbow Linear LED Light. This design adds a plethora of new features, while keeping the same sleek, sturdy low-profile shape as all the legacy Quasar products you have grown to love. The R2 is offered in three lengths: Q100R2 at 91 in/232 cm, Q50R2 at 47 in/120 cm and Q25R2 at 23 in/59 cm.

Quasar is now offering multi-pixel control without compromising the clean color or high output that we have always been known for. The Q25 offers 12 pixels, the Q50R2 has 24 pixels, and the Q100R2 allows for 48 separate pixels. 

Quasar also developed some new sleek rigging on the R2 – the RAIL™ Mounting System, giving you the most versatility of any rigging system yet. In collaboration with Key Grip and Hardware Designer Chuck Smallwood of G-Force Grips, both the RR and R2 lights come with a slider to mount anywhere along the back of the light and 5/8 baby pin to attach onto your slider. Ready to rig right out of the box, you no longer need any extra gear to mount your Quasars.

Nila Lighting

Nila was at the show showing off their new line of bi-color LED light kits as well as their Nila Sports lighting systems for field of play applications.

On the ENG side, the new Zaila Bi-Color with the Nila Precision Colortune system will step through   2600°K to 6400°K in 200°K increments. The new system also incorperated a “Red Boost” frature that will let you add additional red light to any preset color temperature.

Mega Systems Inc

Mega was highlighting their new M-Series lighting fixtures. The M-Series is made of the MW1, MB1 and the MS1. Each unit offers different functions and effects. Their compact size and power allow them to be used in several applications.

Other new fixtures included the:

Obra Flood N180 –  a low profile wash unit that can be used to distribute bright colors evenly across any stage. Equipped with three 60W LEDs, it has nine different colors (red, deep red, fire red, green, aqua, lime, blue, UV and amber) that can be used to create an assortment of various colors. It is designed to create a clean wash effect, smooth color mixing transitions and generate vibrant colors that can transform any venue. 

Baby Color H84  is a ultra-compact, bright color changing fixture. Equipped with 7 12-watt LEDs, the output of the Baby Color H84 contends with the output of larger fixtures. The RGBWAUV LEDs produce a wide range of vibrant colors with the ability to add UV for an eerie hue effect. The fixture has a 20° beam angle and comes with a diffuser that increases the beam angle to 25°. The Baby Color H84 is controllable via DMX 512 and has strobe, macro, and dimmer effects. It has a double mounting yoke so it can to be set upon the floor or hung from a structure. It has a digital display designed for ease of use and is equipped with power con in and out and 5-pin XLR connection inputs and outputs. 

Drama FS 900  is an extremely powerful follow spot LED fixture. Faders and buttons are located on the included DMX controller. The unit has a color wheel that produces a red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white spotlight. It features a CTO wheel, used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. The diameter of the spot can be easily adjusted with the unit’s built-in iris, great for long-throw highlighting of small objects on stage. The Drama FS-LED 900 has a fader for controlling the smooth dimmer. The unit ships with the stand and is compact, allowing for easy transport and use in cramped spaces.

From their Mega View line was the new Clearview video panels that have been newly designed to be semi-translucent to be used to create unique presentations.
Whether used in indoor or outdoor applications, this panel brings advertisements to another dimension.

They also showed their new Falcon Panel 4.  With the Falcon Panel, you can now take your show on the road with ease. This convenient, easy to install rugged production LED panel is an all-around excellent choice for your production and/or rental applications. These panels are 1000×500 and have an IP 65 rating.

Elation Lighting

Elation has their latest models on display that included the Proteus, Artiste, Smarty, Fuze, and Paladin fixtures.

Joining the Maximus is the brilliant 45,000-lumen Artiste Monet™, a recent PLASA innovation award winner. The Artiste Monet is a full-featured LED Profile offering outstanding projection quality, a comprehensive FX package, dynamic framing and a wide array of colors via an innovative SpectraColor color mixing system. SpectraColor uses traditional CMY but adds RGB flags and CTO to produce colors that were previously impossible to achieve. Also unique to the Monet is a wireless continuous-rotation framing system that allows shapes to rotate while morphing and transforming for creative projections not previously possible. 

The Smarty MAX, is an extreme-output Spot/Beam/Wash hybrid moving head featuring a new Platinum FLEX 400 lamp rated at 480W with up to 4,000 hours of smart lamp life. Combining CMY and variable CTO, this is the world’s first hybrid incorporating a full iris for dynamic beam effects. Compact and lightweight with a large 160mm front aperture lens, its resourceful design package includes four prisms on two planes, dual frosts plus dual gobo wheels and dual-track animation.

Elation also highlighted its expanding its popular Fuze™ series of LED wash luminaires with new profile and spot versions. Showing will be the Fuze Spot™ and Fuze Profile™ with framing, both housing full-color-spectrum RGBMA color mixing systems. Also available in cold white, the Fuze Profile CW™ sports dual-color wheels. All three automated LED moving heads offer the perfect fusion of performance, features and value.

Three new fixtures creating a buzz were Elation’s Paladin series of versatile Blinder/Strobe/Wash lights – the Paladin Cube™Paladin Brick™ and Paladin Panel™ – all with IP65 protection. These compact and powerful outdoor flood lights are useful for a wide variety of applications and can flexibly be used from either a floor or truss position. Using 15W RGBW cells – 9, 24, and 50 respectively – they add vibrant and powerful color to outdoor events while individual cell control and strobe make them versatile effect lights or audience blinders.

Doug Fleenor Design

DFD Entry Station 2.

The Entry Station Two Ethernet is a four universe playback device that can record two snapshots of sACN data. These presets can be recalled with a press of a button.

The ES2ETHER includes the following features:

– Multiple stations can reside on the same network in either a “Main & Remote” relationship, or as completely independent devices.
– Power can be supplied via POE, or by a separate low voltage power supply.
– Each station is fully self-contained and does not require a separate processor device or central control unit.
– Fade times for each preset can be adjusted from 0 to 999 seconds (default is 2 seconds).
– Fits in a standard 2-gang back box.

Also of note was the NEWNODE16-DIN is a DIN-rail mounted Ethernet to DMX bridging device. It accepts Artistic License’s Art-Net or Streaming ACN (ANSI E1.31) protocols. There are sixteen DMX512 outputs, and each of the outputs are isolated from the Ethernet input. The Ethernet input connection is made via an RJ45 connector, and the DMX512 output connections are made via pluggable Phoenix terminal blocks. The NODE16-DIN supports Power over Ethernet (PoE – 802.3af) or a 24-48VDC power input. NODE configuration takes place with a backlit graphical LCD and an encoder wheel.

Coemar Lighting

If you want to switch your TV studio or theatre from halogen to LED, Coemar’s ReLite Series is the perfect retrofit solution for you. Easy and quick upgrade, excellent white light quality, huge power savings with almost no heat generation and long life LED lamps are just some of the advantages offered by our ReLite Series.

There also was a version on hand to retrofit into a ETC Source 4 par that will be shipping soon.

Designed with HD electronics and a new LCD display, the LEDko FullSpectrum 6 HD is the evolution of the LEDko FullSpectrum 6.

• 20 bit color mixing through 6 colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Lime, Amber)
• New LCD display with additional buttons for quick settings of the main functions
• Continuously variable CCT from 2.700 to 6.500 K with CRI greater than 90
• Smooth 16 bit dimmer (4 different curves selectable digitally processed at 20 bit)
• Guaranteed flicker-free operation (20.000 Hz LED refresh rate)
• Preset and customizable color libraries
• Full range of fixed and zoom optics available
• Compatible with soft edge lenses (Fresnel or PC) and with various lenses tubes already on the market

City Theatrical

City Theatrical’s newest QolorFLEX® 5×2.5A 900MHz/2.4GHz Multiverse® Dimmers launched at the show. Available in dual-band 900MHz/2.4GHz (P/N 5942) or 2.4GHz band only, this new product is a constant voltage, five-output dimmer that can be controlled wirelessly with Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology or with wired DMX. The QolorFLEX 5×2.5A Multiverse Dimmer provides 20-bit PWM resolution and 16-bit or 8-bit control for extremely smooth dimming at the low end of the dimming curve. It uses detachable input and output connectors to make wiring easy. Configuration is performed using RDM, such as with a DMXcat® Multi-Function Test Tool, with no DIP Switches. This dimmer is designed and built in the USA by City Theatrical in Carlstadt, New Jersey, and pairs perfectly with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape for ideal use in props and costumes, or for areas where space is a concern.

City Theatrical also showcased the QolorFLEX 2×2.5A Multiverse Dimmers and Multiverse Receiver Cards at the LDI Show 2019. The QolorFLEX 2×2.5A Multiverse Dimmers (available in 2.4GHz band or 900MHz band) are tiny two-channel low voltage dimmers, each with a Multiverse wireless DMX receiver built-in. These receiver/dimmers are designed to be mounted in the smallest spaces, such as props, costumes, wands, and candles.

While Multiverse Modules are circuit board mounted devices used by professional lighting manufacturers, City Theatrical’s new Multiverse Receiver Cards are products that anyone can use to implement wireless DMX/RDM into their projects or equipment in a simple way. Multiverse Receiver Cards are full Multiverse receivers without the housing, XLR connectors, and user interface as used in wireless DMX receiving products like Multiverse Node and Multiverse SHoW Baby. Multiverse Receiver Cards include an internal antenna and a connection to an optional external antenna. Configuration is done via RDM with DMXcat.

AC Lighting

Based in Toronto, with distribution centers locally and in New York state, A.C. Lighting Inc. was formed to support the growth of our UK-based parent company’s business in North America, to meet the specific needs of dealers and end-users in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

A.C. Lighting Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for world-class technology brands including;



Antari USA is making sure that they continue to add and update to their industry-recognized fog, haze, special effect, and UV Lighting products. This year they launched their brand new entry-level line of fog and haze machines called FX Works. This new line brings many of the great features found on their top of the line products to three new units including the FXW-Faze unit. This unit is housed in an extremely sturdy road case and includes a great self-clean feature to keep your unit running at its best! It’s also beginning to look a lot like the Holidays as Antari USA has updated its Snow Machines to be more effective, powerful and user-friendly. And if you felt the need to make that snow glow, try their updated Dark FX True UV fixtures, a staple product found on some of the most prestigious venues around the world.


LiteGear’s headquarters are located in beautiful Burbank, California where they design and develop all LiteGear products. Their in-house engineering team works full-time refining products and creating new and exciting designs. Their LDI 2019 Booth was filled with some of these new designs and were creating some excitement for their booth attendees. A lot of attention was on their partnership with Exalux for the Control One, an all-in-one DMX console that redefines the process of lighting control for film, television, theatrical and live event sets. The DMX fixture profile control of LiteGear, Exalux, Skypanel, Astera, Quasar and a growing list of others stand out as the primary feature that makes this product a must-have! Their booth was filled with a wide range of their innovative LED and phosphor technology for lighting as well as compliment small control and dimmer products. For more information visit their website.


Madrix featured their modular, scalable LED control system components which include their powerful 2D/3D software control as well as hardware that speaks a variety of network and USB based protocols for both performance and installation environments.

Minuit Une

Minuit Une presented IVL Lighting, an immersive, laser-based system that aims to replicate the effects of multiple fixtures into a single unit as well as produce unique effects.  A unique scanning failure safeguard and calibrated output, the laser source becomes as safe as any other light source, with standard regulatory compliance.  Specifically, a laser specialist and on-site measurement are not required.  They are also offering live, user-controlled demonstrations via the internet, with real fixtures via video capture and the internet.


Along with their already popular Titan, Helios, and Hyperion tubes and Astera introduced a new A19-type LED lamp that can be powered by 90-230VAC or a USB powerpack, with control via CRMX or the AsteraApp. 

They also introduced their AX2 PixelBar, a portable, wirelessly-controlled linear fixture aimed at event, studio, and performance uses.

Smoke Factory

New to the Inner Circle Distribution family, Smoke Factory offers rugged and innovative atmospheric effects ranging in size from the battery-operated Scotty II with instant heat for theatrical and self-contained effects to their new CO2-based Carpet Crawler low-lying fogger which can be controlled wirelessly, via DMX, sACN, or ArtNet.


Osram continues to provide innovative technologies in both Halogen and HMI lamps specifically for stage and studio applications.  New offerings include the Lok-it!® 1800W/PS Brilliant discharge lamp that offers a high CRI and longer life than standard models.  Additionally, the new Lok-it! 1600W/60/P50 lamp with the larger PGJX50 base offers unparalleled performance with a high CRI of >92 and a smaller arc gap of only 5.5 mm. It is one of the highest performance lamps in this design, and an upgrade for 1500W lamps already used in the market.

Additions to their HMI Digital line include 4000W, 9000W and 18000W lamps for film and studio lighting. HMI Digital is a line of high-performance discharge lamps that ensure every scene remains flicker-free and illuminated in high-quality light. Designed for both standard and newer high-speed ballasts, HMI Digital lamps have up to 99.9 percent lower UV emissions and daytime-like color temperature. HMI Digital lamps are very robust, heat-resistant and offer impressive bright light up to 100 lumens per watt.

Osram’s LED Egin brand has introduced a 60-watt, seven-die LED with six individually controlled colors in their LuxiGen Platform.

The Traxon brand continues to compete in the architectural/install market with highly-ruggedized fixtures ranging in size from pixel products like the Media Tube HO (high-output) to their new long-throw ProPoint RGBW fixture with native optics of 2.5 degrees.

Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting unveiled their two new “Siren Series” followspots at LDI to compliment their recent release of the AP150 LED par.

The AFS 500 is a great LED spot for short to medium throw applications. Built-in color wheel with White, Deep Amber (R19 – it’s the ‘red’ button), Green, Amber, Blue, and Lt. Amber accessible via local control pad. Other local controls include Intensity, Three Step CTO, Iris, and Strobe. Color wheel and other pad functions can also be controlled via DMX (DMX In and Thru Ports on the back of the fixture). Beam size and focus are set manually. Includes Tri-Pod Stand.

AFS 500 Available accessories:

  • 6 Slot Color Boomerang (requires AFS-ACCFF Altman Follow Spot Accessory Face Frame)

The AFS 700 is designed for medium to medium-long throw applications. Built-in color wheel with White, Deep Amber (R19 – it’s the ‘red’ button), Green, Magenta, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Orange and Violet accessible via local control pad. Other local controls include: Intensity, Strobe, Three Step CTO, Iris, Focus and Zoom. Color wheel and other pad functions can also be controlled via DMX (DMX In and Thru Ports on the back of the fixture). Includes Tri-Pod Stand

AFS 700 Available accessories:

  • 6 Slot Color Boomerang (requires AFS-ACCFF Altman Follow Spot Accessory Face Frame)
  • 6lb Balancing Counterweight (1 recommended if using boomerang)
  • 3lb Balancing Counterweight (2 recommended if using boomerang)
  • AFS-700-BH: AFS-700 rear mounted handle/counterweight for use with the AFS-ECB
  • AFS-700-HNDL:  AFS-700 side mount handle can be mounted anywhere on the frame rail. Side mount handle mounts perpendicular to the frame rail.


TMB has upped their game with flexible leds. Coming soon is a new high-flex FloppyFlex with an enhanced side view. New fixed colors include Flamingo Pink and Lavender.

They’ve updated their Par 20 fixture with a GU10 base for MR16 LED Lamps. The PAR 20 is a great little fixture for hiding on set or if you want to bring a little theatrical flare to you your restaurant or retail space.

Specialty lighting includes The MOZART UV. It emits no visible light and has an impressive output at 30+ feet. With an IP65 rating it can be used in most indoor and outdoor environments.

For small chain motor installations and small rental packages, check out the ProPower Portable Motor Controller. It’s a four-channel controller in a compact carry case that can be customized with connectors to suit your motors.

Need to automate your show playback? Take a look at the ProPlex 8-Track. Record up to 300 Minutes of dynamic show data and play it back via push button on the 8-Track face or via contact closure for interface with other head-end control devices. It will play multiple shows at the same time.

Speaking of ProPlex, The 80-plus products and growing ProPlex Devices and Drives range now features new ProPlex Software V2, a real step forward in Node and RDM management.  While still ProPlex user-friendly, the new software allows management of all ProPlex IQ Nodes with one powerful, yet simple to use, and easy to navigate, system.  Allowing effective, yet surprisingly simple, management of even the largest lighting networks, the many features, and useful benefits of ProPlex Software V2.

TMB has also started manufacturing company switches under their Pro Power banner. These new switches feature:

  • 100% Rated 200, 400, or 600 amp breakers, 65,000 amp interrupt rating
  • 65k SCCR symmetric rating with optional current limiting fuses
  • Breaker lever lock standard
  • Locking connection chamber with safety interlock
  • All covers interlocked to breaker
  • Top, side, or rear feed
  • LED phase indicators
  • Field adaptable to isolated ground
  • Dual neutral connections for 200% rated neutral
  • Both Cam and Class K rated lug outputs standard
  • 3-Phase digital power metering available

Watch this space for news about a new fixture with PS in the part number “we’re told stands for Power Solaris” LED from TMB. The unit has an initial output of 100,000 Lumens, Full Range Pixel Mapping of 120 Pixels, RGB(CW), uses 480 DMX channels and tips the scales at right around 100lbs. Not IP rated but approved for temporary outdoor use “in the rain.”

TMB has an extensive product line that includes Fixtures (architectural, entertainment, decorative), Fixture Accessories, Controls, Power Distribution, Networking, Power Cable, Data Cable, and Power/Data Cable Combos.


Ushio is not known only for their diverse lamp line but is a part of the follow spot game in North America. Their newest follow spot the Sai 500 has an incredible throw distance of up to 30ft. With 440w, this medium-sized venue instrument has an incredible 0-100% dimming through its smooth iris and easy to change boomerang. DMX control is an added option on this fixture and with a list price of 12,500, this fixture will be ready for your venue around the first of the year.

Ushio also distributes Zylight which is known in video content creation circles, but an interesting fixture is the Pro-Palette LED cyclorama light designed for TV studios and theatres. It is powerful, energy-efficient and able to change colors smoothly through DMX controls. It produces a soft and even field of asymmetrical light in a choice of RGBW (for a backdrop of multi-color mixes), or pure white light.   Available as a single unit, the Pro-Palette can be easily daisy-chained through 4 units side by side providing greater saturation of light projecting color up to 25 feet.   The Pro-Palette has a simple and intuitive local control panel for setup, control, and addressing can be dimmed smoothly from 100 to 0%, and is RDM ready.


The newest in the Gantom world is the Gantom 7, a 7 color fixture with a 15-degree beam angle. This fixture has several color profiles available to include RGBAW and RGBAWLUV. DMX control via512 or the DMX app. With only a power output of 7.5w, this fixture is ready for installation on any indoor and outdoor project. Available now.


For over 175 years, Dazian has been the premier supplier in technical, functional, accent, and theatrical fabric and drapery. Their extensive range of high-quality choices, unique solutions, and coast-to-coast locations allow them to be a trusted partner from concept to the final product. This year, Dazian is highlighting a few new solutions. Their new Super Stretch fabric is made of fire retardant polyester and spandex, ideal for projection screens, ceiling covers, canopies, and scenic. Available in white only, it has an incredible 4-way stretch with a max stretch diagonal of 180”.

Furthermore, the ever-popular Duvetyne is now available in white! Made of 12 oz. 100% cotton, it is 54” wide by 100 yards long. Applications include masking, stage curtains, scenic, drop cloth, and production expendables. In addition to these products, Dazian is also making a strong push into wide format printing for backdrops and have been creating 40’ wide seamless prints on a variety of fabrics.


This year, Ultratec brings big updates to the world’s most durable and dependable low fog machine based on customer feedback. The Eclipse features the most rugged casing they’ve ever developed, making it ideal for tough journeys. It has a smaller overall size with integrated carry handles in the one-piece, all-plastic heavy duty design. A larger, more powerful 600cfm variable speed fan allows the Eclipse to better deliver the thick, billowing fog to the desired location. The fan is also relocated to the back of the unit instead of on top, and there is adjustable fan speed control. The unit now ships with Standard Dual-Quick Detachable CO2 Control Valves for both high pressure and low pressure, so you no longer have to choose between the two. Not only is the unit new and improved, it also offers more savings than ever before.


This year, Lycian debuts “big light in a small package.” Introducing the Zot Jr., the baby brother of the original Zot. At just 20” long, never before has a follow spot offered this much light output from such a small size, with a throw distance of up to 80’. Taking the ultra-compact market by storm, the Zot Jr. offers American Quality at an import price. Quiet and cool, the Zot Jr. LED is perfect for budget-conscious schools, DJ’s, Clubs, and anywhere where a very compact fixture is required. Other features include a 5-color dichroic boomerang and Lycian’s first folding tripod. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Lycian also introduces the 1281 Superstar 1000 LED followpot, the industry’s first 1000w LED followpot, which boasts a 200’ throw and optional DMX control. It will be an excellent alternative to high power discharge fixtures.

Spotrack – Automated Spot Light System

Spotrack is a computer automated follow spot system, enabling an operator to remotely control from any location, any number of moving lights as follow spots. It works with any moving light and any lighting console,

Using a patented 3D tracking system, one operator in a convenient location can follow a performer with up to twenty moving lights. This is achieved by means of a mouse or touchscreen, on a camera-fed display which shows a view of the full stage and its surroundings.

Spotrack consists of one or two cameras, a computer and a DMX interface. One camera is positioned to give a full view of the stage and one to give a wider view of the surrounding space. The image is shown on a computer screen, allowing the spot operator to follow the performer with a mouse. DMX from the console is then fed into Spotrack, then out to the lights.

Spotrack can work with any type of moving light, although it works best with lights that can move quickly, so they can keep up!

Global Truss/Duratruss

Global Truss America and Duratruss offer professional and affordable truss and accessory products that are lightweight, strong and easy to assemble. All of their products are made of high-quality aluminum and are built to meet the most stringent specifications.

In addition to truss, they also manufacture Trade Show Booths, Aluminum Truss Furniture, Rigging Materials, and accessories for installations, exhibition stands, and staging products. Their 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse allows them to maintain an extensive inventory of truss and to ensure most products are readily available for immediate shipment. They also offer an in-house design team that is ready to work with you on custom designs.

BB&S Lighting

BB&S LIGHTING is a developer of high-end LED lighting, including Remote Phosphor Technology, LEKO, Fresnel and LED Bank Lighting for television, theater and film lighting. Some of the featured products at the show included the Pipeline LED Reflect System and the Area 48 Studio lineup.

 The Pipeline LED System is an expandable array of modular, cylindrical fixtures that are customized to fit your specific needs. These 1-inch diameter LED lights are available in lengths of 4″, 8″, 1’, 2’, 3’ and 4’ and feature a new form factor. They provide the highest possible color accuracy due to Remote Phosphor’s light quality and consistency.

BBS also displayed the new Area 48 Studio fixture line, which are made specially to facilitate dimming in the last 5% of the range. One of the features of the new panel is that the phosphor panels themselves are interchangeable, allowing you to quickly change the fixture from Daylight to Tungsten, to Chroma-Green, all in a matter of seconds.

Le Maitre Effects

Le Matire had the new wireless version of their Salamander Quad Pro flame effect on display.  The unit comes with integrated wireless COBRA firing systems technology and is rechargeable. Flames can get up to 25’high with a shot from all four canisters or 12’ high with a shot from an individual canister.  There is a built-in E-stop system as well as a tilt safety switch.

 G300-SMART, our smoke machine featuring smart controls. Rugged, versatile and durable, with a massive output of dense white smoke, it supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity for set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics. The user can set up and change the configuration of the machine via a mobile phone or tablet.

Strong Lighting

Strong had their LED Followsposts the iChip Mystere and the iChip Mirage LT.

The Mystere followspot comes in at 60 lbs with base, has a 50-150 foot throw, a 6000hr LED module that has a CRI of 90, and only pulls 7amps.

The Larger Mirage is a 600W LED followspot designed for 65-150’ throws, has a 20,000 hour lamp life at 5600°K with a CRI of 97. With its three-speed fan, the Mirage is quiet and cool enough to be run near audience members without being a nuisance.

Chauvet Professional

First up is the Ovation CYC 1 FC, this 100% convection cooled cyc unit is packing a ton of punch into a small package. Featuring PowerCon in and out, built in kickstand, an RGBAL color engine, found in Chauvet Pro’s other Full Color Ovation units to render nearly any color with tremendous realism and saturation. The fixture has an integrated kick stand and included glare shield that can adjust and shape its throw and also features an included omega bracket. Given the low-profile of the unit, and that it isn’t blazenly branded on the side it can also be used effectively as a footlight.

The Maverick MK3 Profile features framing shutters, an adjustable CRI from 73 to 93 CRI for use as a key light for broadcasted events, 820W LED source, CMY and CTO color mixing, framing shutters, a 9:1 zoom that maintains a flat field even when fully wide, 2 Gobo wheels of which one is rotating, 2 independent and overlapping prisms, and 2 different levels of frost. Built-in 3 and 5 pin DMX along with EtherCon and onboard WDMX makes integrating the MK3 to an existing light rig quick and easy.

New to the LED panel lineup is the F2. These panels have a 2.9 mm pixel pitch LED video panel equipped with a high contrast 1,500 NITS and an impressive refresh rate of 3,840 Hz for crisp high-quality imagery. This high-performance video panel is the ideal solution for corporate events with text, high-res IMAG and any space with a shorter viewing distance. F2 set up is optimized by its advanced light-weight die-cast magnesium housing and magnetic assisted hanging features. This magnetic LED module is also both front and rear serviceable to simplify maintenance and installation. The fully equipped unit comes with a road case and power/data linking cables.

Clear Com

Clear-Com is proud to announce FreeSpeak Edge, the latest addition to the FreeSpeak family of digital wireless intercom solutions. Featuring an all-new 5GHz chipset, and 12kHz audio quality, the FreeSpeak Edge can be combined seamlessly with FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz systems, providing three bandwidths across a single unified communications system. The beltpack’s ergonomic design includes asymmetrical concave/convex top buttons for identification at a glance and touch operation, eight programmable buttons, rotary controls on both sides, and a master volume control and flashlight on the bottom. The beltpack also includes a mic and speaker for headset-free or desktop operation. Each ruggedized transceiver supports 10 beltpacks and includes attenuation and external antennas for custom RF zones as well as wall and mic stand mounting options. FreeSpeak Edge has two high capacity, low latency, encrypted 5GHz radios in each beltpack and four radios in each transceiver, which provide redundancy, capacity and potential for future enhancements.

Lex Products

Lex featured their new “Modular Tee Portable Three Phase – Power Distribution System” at LDI.  Utilizing L21-20 extensions, these compact assemblies are interconnected to become part of a temporary power distribution system. Systems may feed any number of electrical devices up to the full 20A rating of any phase. The overall length and complexity of the system is determined by the lengths and quantities of the extensions used as well as the types of outlet connectors chosen. With an inventory of Mod-Ts and L21-20 extensions, the user can meet the power needs of almost any Entertainment system. A 1/4”-20 threaded insert allows for mounting optional hardware, and color coded heat shrink indicates phasing: A – White, B – Red, C – Blue.

Also of note were their new True1 T’s designed to provide a single power circuit for convenient connection points in a portable configuration. The ‘plug-and-play’ topology eliminates the hard-wiring of boxes on fixed distances between devices. Power distribution layouts are configurable at the customer site. Ideal for placement on suspended pipes over the stage and on catwalks over the audience. Devices are configurable through the selection of cable length and connectors used.

Fed from a larger power source, the LOpSter Trap is a compact distribution unit that provides the power functions of a studio/location “lunch box” with the data functions of a five optically isolated output opto-splitter, eliminating the need for two separate boxes.This “Lunch Opto Splitter Box” has five NEMA 5-20 duplex and four USB Type-A receptacles to satisfy the power needs of many devices. Available in four configurations, the reliable opto-splitter processes communication protocols with a high degree of reliability. Hydraulic magnetic breakers will not nuisance trip at higher temperatures and are mounted flush for easy access and circuit identification. Threaded inserts for brackets provide easy mounting of C-Clamps. 

Also available in a wireless DMX version with four optically isolated outputs. The DMX512 Splitter/Repeater may act as either a transmitter or receiver with the touch of a button and utilizes CRMX or W-DMX for reliable wireless DMX transmission


Featured their new XH-1200 water based haze machine and XF-3500 water based fog machine. They come standard with X-Cradle Impact Armor designed to protect them from drops up to 3 feet and feature full digital control technology with run dry fluid sensor. Output from the XH-1200 hazer is 12,000 CFM and uses 100% organic haze fluid, “The healthiest haze on Earth”. The XF-3500 has the highest fog output in its class at 35,000 CFM. It has the most precise timed fog system in the industry using “Instant off and SmartFog technology”.

Lee Filters

Lee was featuring their Zircon LED Packs. Zircon Filters are specifically designed to fine tune the inconsistences that may be found in LED lighting. The Cool Pack contains 9 gels designed to raise the color temperature of warm white LEDs. The Warm Pack contains 12 gels designed to lower the color temperature of cool white LEDs. And, the Correction Pack contains minus green and a variety of color correction gels. They also have a gel swatch app and a diffusion app for iOS and Android phones.


This year SGM showcased their G7 BeaSt.  This fixtures uses two separate light sources in an IP66 rated fixture to output 50,000 lumens in a highly controllable beam. With 2 color wheels, and gobo projections in a 640W all-weather fixture, the G7 BeaSt has the ability both as a wide angle audience blinder, and to create stunning aerial effects. Equally impressive were the P series fixtures, offering RGBW wash in a variety of sizes.  These fixtures are also available in an IP66 rating by using a one of kind Active dehumidification process inside the fixture. All of the P series fixtures have the ability for wired or wireless control and a large range of possible control mode in a robust design.

Doughty Engineering USA, Inc.

New to Doughty is the Scaff Boom Arm.  This clamp allows a customizable Steel or Aluminum boom arm with rated loads in lengths up to 1000mm.  Perfect for applications where a horizontal boom is needed on a vertical pipe or truss.  Also shown this year was the Modular Drop Arm.  Built for use with the Modular Rigging system, these aluminum Tees are ideal for creating custom light ladders that are compact and lightweight. The Modular system also has a variety of connectors for hanging everything from a single fixture to arrays of moving lights on an H-Frame.

Also new was their  “Fifty Clamp”,  A pressure die cast clamp compatible working height with the Quick Trigger Clamp range that is fully TUV approved. It’s WLL is up to 110lbs.

Dove Systems

The Newest product they have is the SCDFD – Single Channel DMX to Analog Interface.

The SCDFD (Single Chanel DMX Fluorescent Decoder) is a board level product intended for Lighting OEMs. It decodes signals from DMX control desks to LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures whose drivers / ballasts accept 0 to +10VDC dimming control. A thumbwheel switch selects the starting channel, and a status LED indicates presence of the DMX signal.


Aryton had the official US showing of Ayrton’s two latest products: Perseo and Huracán-X.

Perseo-S is the first compact multi-function luminaire with an IP65 enclosure rating developed by Ayrton for intensive outdoor use.  Equipped with a new 500 W ultra-compact monochromatic LED source calibrated at 8000 K, it can deliver metallic white light with an output of 27,000 lumens.

The Huracán-X uses a next-generation oversized cooling system and a high-efficiency 1000 W LED module, Huracán-X produces record output of 50,000 lumens at a color temperature of 6500 K when operating at a steady-state. Ayrton also developed an entirely new complex color mixing system with a double CMY saturation level capable of generating 281 trillion colors (patent pending).

Ayrton had two other new fixtures on display, the Shamal-LT and the Karif-LT.

The Karif beam spot – is the first moving head of the brand that includes pan continuous and a zoom capable of closing up to 3º. With this luminaire, it is easy to achieve any shade thanks to its thirteen color wheel, in addition to offering unlimited creativity including a new wheel with fixed 39 gobos. Its multi-position animation wheel allows you to create different types of movement, in addition to two types of frost.

Shamal – This wash fixture is designed for use in large spaces with an unprecedented power of 48.000lm. Its CMY double saturation color mixing system will allow you to achieve infinite colors with which to bathe a space. Thanks to its wide zoom range (3º – 36º) you can also perform beam functions.

Below is a video from their stand at ProLight & Sound earlier this year. 

AYRTON – Prolight+Sound 2019 from Ayrton on Vimeo.

Robert Juliat

Previewed their new Followspot, Arthur. This 800w LED followspot will be available the first quarter of 2020.

Maestro extends the capabilities of SpotMe by enabling it to operate with any DMX lighting control console. With Maestro, even the simplest DMX console retains pan and tilt control and gets, in return, additional DMX channels to modulate the tracking parameters calculated and managed by the Maestro server. Maestro also brings a major new advantage in the form of a unique ‘Prediction’ feature – the ability to anticipate the direction of a performer’s movement on stage and adjust every ‘slave’ fixture to react quickly to the direction of travel. SpotMe and Maestro will be shown both virtually and physically with an RJ Oz 600W LED followspot to show the full extent of their capabilities. SpotMe is shipping with immediate effect and Maestro will be available at the end of the year.

Dalis Family extended with Dalis Access 863 and Dalis 864 4-color version. Robert Juliat’s Dalis family has come a long way since the first, award-winning Dalis 860 cyclorama fixture was launched with 48 300W LED sources proffering a unique combination of 8 colors. The full range now includes Dalis 861 a 150W LED 8-color Washlight; Dalis 862 (150W) full size and Dalis 862S (75W) short, variable white Footlights; Dalis Access 863 a 150W LED 4-color cyclorama light with all the functionality and quality of the original at a price that makes Dalis technology accessible to those on a smaller budget; and finally, Dalis 864 and 864S Footlights, 150W 4-color versions of the original Dalis 862 tuneable white footlight which, like Dalis 862, is available as a full-length or short version.


Now being distributed in North America by ACT.  Luxibel is the Professional AV lighting brand by AED group and focus strongly on the tradeshow / event markets providing solutions to professionals such as the VMB Showlift – AED-SL18, ABTT Engineering Product of the year!  The AED-SL18 Showlift is an automated tower lift with a variable speed motor that is controlled by a 2-channel DMX signal from a lighting desk. With instant reading position, variable minimum and maximum height limitation, the AED-SL18 is the ideal tool for indoor venues with height and/or weight restrictions.


Due to be released by the end of 2019 Crescit Software is launching their new Magic Sheet Symbol Library.  The library has 14,000+ Magic Sheet Symbols ready for download and capatable with a growning list of applications including Strand NEO, LightFactory, and the ETC EOS control platforms.

These sysbols are highly accurate and help facilitate easier recognition and selection within Magic Sheets that you are creating. 

More information at 


LumenRadio is showing off their CRMX technology for wireless DMX in several of their products.  Their newest product is the MoonLite which is both a wireless DMX transmitter and receiver with Bluetooth Technology, a built-in rechargeable battery, and dual XLR connectors.  The device is able to be controlled through the CRMX toolbox app.  It enables tablet and phone-based lighting control softwares to connect directly.  Ideal application include: clubs, small stage events, corporate events, and theatres with temporary events that need wireless DMX connectivity.  Like all other LumenRadio products, the MoonLite comes with the CRMX technology, but has updated disturbance detection so created the most stable connection in such a small product.


CantoUSA is displaying their new Astro 600 LED followspot at LDI 2019 along with other RETRO Fusion products that debuted last year. 

The Astro 600 is powered by a state-of-the-art LED engine that creates a very even and flat field while retaining high output.  It utilizes a 7000K single-source COB LED that prevents color shifting while dimming.  Features include six color changers that are removable, iris, repositionable dimmer slider, and zoom from eight to sixteen degrees. 

From last year, the RETRO-Fusion is a small dimmable LED option to replace existing lamps such as house lights in auditoriums, arenas, lobbies, museums, schools, convention centers, and houses of worship.  They are a 0-100% phase dimmable (forward and reverse) variable wattage LED 2700K-6500K 80-97 CRI engines.  Originally the RETRO series was designed for SCR, TRIAC, and IGBT dimmers, but are compatible with newer dimmer systems.  

CantoUSA was also showing their new RETRO-Par Series engines. These units are a CSA listed, Energy Star 2.0 retrofit kit that rapidly transforms existing inefficient incandescent fixtures into energy efficient LED fixtures that are available Par 38, 46, 56, 64, there’s even a ETC Source 4 Par adapter!

Canto USA Website

Pathway Connectivity

Pathway Connectivity is promoting the Pathport VIA 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, a 10 port +1 fan-less network switch for entertainment control.  With power over ethernet, there is no need for power bricks or IEC’s.  A bandwidth monitor is easily visible on the front display of rack mounted units that helps manage link speeds, find bottlenecks, and report percentage usage at current link speed.  It uses Link Layer Discovery Protocol to detect what is connected and identify other pathway gear.  The Pathport VIA 10 switch allows audio and lighting to be used on the same network while stopping broadcast protocols that normally pollute the network.  Normal switches are designed for office and other communication applications, where as the VIA switch is designed for optimal entertainment lighting, sound, and video signal routing.