TMB has upped their game with flexible leds. Coming soon is a new high-flex FloppyFlex with an enhanced side view. New fixed colors include Flamingo Pink and Lavender.

They’ve updated their Par 20 fixture with a GU10 base for MR16 LED Lamps. The PAR 20 is a great little fixture for hiding on set or if you want to bring a little theatrical flare to you your restaurant or retail space.

Specialty lighting includes The MOZART UV. It emits no visible light and has an impressive output at 30+ feet. With an IP65 rating it can be used in most indoor and outdoor environments.

For small chain motor installations and small rental packages, check out the ProPower Portable Motor Controller. It’s a four-channel controller in a compact carry case that can be customized with connectors to suit your motors.

Need to automate your show playback? Take a look at the ProPlex 8-Track. Record up to 300 Minutes of dynamic show data and play it back via push button on the 8-Track face or via contact closure for interface with other head-end control devices. It will play multiple shows at the same time.

Speaking of ProPlex, The 80-plus products and growing ProPlex Devices and Drives range now features new ProPlex Software V2, a real step forward in Node and RDM management.  While still ProPlex user-friendly, the new software allows management of all ProPlex IQ Nodes with one powerful, yet simple to use, and easy to navigate, system.  Allowing effective, yet surprisingly simple, management of even the largest lighting networks, the many features, and useful benefits of ProPlex Software V2.

TMB has also started manufacturing company switches under their Pro Power banner. These new switches feature:

  • 100% Rated 200, 400, or 600 amp breakers, 65,000 amp interrupt rating
  • 65k SCCR symmetric rating with optional current limiting fuses
  • Breaker lever lock standard
  • Locking connection chamber with safety interlock
  • All covers interlocked to breaker
  • Top, side, or rear feed
  • LED phase indicators
  • Field adaptable to isolated ground
  • Dual neutral connections for 200% rated neutral
  • Both Cam and Class K rated lug outputs standard
  • 3-Phase digital power metering available

Watch this space for news about a new fixture with PS in the part number “we’re told stands for Power Solaris” LED from TMB. The unit has an initial output of 100,000 Lumens, Full Range Pixel Mapping of 120 Pixels, RGB(CW), uses 480 DMX channels and tips the scales at right around 100lbs. Not IP rated but approved for temporary outdoor use “in the rain.”

TMB has an extensive product line that includes Fixtures (architectural, entertainment, decorative), Fixture Accessories, Controls, Power Distribution, Networking, Power Cable, Data Cable, and Power/Data Cable Combos.