Robert Juliat

Previewed their new Followspot, Arthur. This 800w LED followspot will be available the first quarter of 2020.

Maestro extends the capabilities of SpotMe by enabling it to operate with any DMX lighting control console. With Maestro, even the simplest DMX console retains pan and tilt control and gets, in return, additional DMX channels to modulate the tracking parameters calculated and managed by the Maestro server. Maestro also brings a major new advantage in the form of a unique ‘Prediction’ feature – the ability to anticipate the direction of a performer’s movement on stage and adjust every ‘slave’ fixture to react quickly to the direction of travel. SpotMe and Maestro will be shown both virtually and physically with an RJ Oz 600W LED followspot to show the full extent of their capabilities. SpotMe is shipping with immediate effect and Maestro will be available at the end of the year.

Dalis Family extended with Dalis Access 863 and Dalis 864 4-color version. Robert Juliat’s Dalis family has come a long way since the first, award-winning Dalis 860 cyclorama fixture was launched with 48 300W LED sources proffering a unique combination of 8 colors. The full range now includes Dalis 861 a 150W LED 8-color Washlight; Dalis 862 (150W) full size and Dalis 862S (75W) short, variable white Footlights; Dalis Access 863 a 150W LED 4-color cyclorama light with all the functionality and quality of the original at a price that makes Dalis technology accessible to those on a smaller budget; and finally, Dalis 864 and 864S Footlights, 150W 4-color versions of the original Dalis 862 tuneable white footlight which, like Dalis 862, is available as a full-length or short version.