Quasar Science

Quasar Science had some interesting new items at LDI 2019.

The new RR Linear LED Lights are elegant, compact and filled with incredible features. This sleek new design advances Quasar’s tubular form factor by doubling the width but retaining the low-profile shape that gets the RR into all the same tight spaces as legacy Quasar lights. The RR is offered in two lengths: RR100 at 46 in/117 cm and RR50 at 23 in/59 cm.

Affectionately dubbed the “Double Rainbow,” the RR has two rows of pixels expanding the animation and FX capabilities into a whole new realm, ideal for process car work and special lighting effects. The RR50 packs in 24 pixels, and the RR100 features 48 separate pixels. All with pixel selection to give the user maximum control. 

The RR features onboard universal AC power 100-240VAC and auxiliary DC input from 12-24 volts.  Color always comes first at Quasar Science, so our RGBx technology enables our lights to score an SSI rating of between 76 (daylight), and 91(Tungsten), and a CRI/TLCI score of 95+. Dimming is just as important as maintaining the brightness Quasar has always lived up to. Improved low-end dimming gets these lights closer to a true 1% than ever before.

Quasar has also held onto our wireless DMX through LumenRadio, while adding sACN, Artnet, and the ability to be controlled wirelessly through CRMX, Wifi, and Bluetooth, which gives you the broadest choices for data connectivity. 

The Swaptics™ Interchangeable Lens System

Also available as an optional accessory is our new Swaptics™ Interchangeable Lens System. The slim diffuser (included with the lights) and two swappable lenses, the Light Barrel™ large diffuser, and the Light Magnifier™ projection lens, are available for purchase.

Introducing the R2, the sequel to the original Rainbow Linear LED Light. This design adds a plethora of new features, while keeping the same sleek, sturdy low-profile shape as all the legacy Quasar products you have grown to love. The R2 is offered in three lengths: Q100R2 at 91 in/232 cm, Q50R2 at 47 in/120 cm and Q25R2 at 23 in/59 cm.

Quasar is now offering multi-pixel control without compromising the clean color or high output that we have always been known for. The Q25 offers 12 pixels, the Q50R2 has 24 pixels, and the Q100R2 allows for 48 separate pixels. 

Quasar also developed some new sleek rigging on the R2 – the RAIL™ Mounting System, giving you the most versatility of any rigging system yet. In collaboration with Key Grip and Hardware Designer Chuck Smallwood of G-Force Grips, both the RR and R2 lights come with a slider to mount anywhere along the back of the light and 5/8 baby pin to attach onto your slider. Ready to rig right out of the box, you no longer need any extra gear to mount your Quasars.