Osram continues to provide innovative technologies in both Halogen and HMI lamps specifically for stage and studio applications.  New offerings include the Lok-it!® 1800W/PS Brilliant discharge lamp that offers a high CRI and longer life than standard models.  Additionally, the new Lok-it! 1600W/60/P50 lamp with the larger PGJX50 base offers unparalleled performance with a high CRI of >92 and a smaller arc gap of only 5.5 mm. It is one of the highest performance lamps in this design, and an upgrade for 1500W lamps already used in the market.

Additions to their HMI Digital line include 4000W, 9000W and 18000W lamps for film and studio lighting. HMI Digital is a line of high-performance discharge lamps that ensure every scene remains flicker-free and illuminated in high-quality light. Designed for both standard and newer high-speed ballasts, HMI Digital lamps have up to 99.9 percent lower UV emissions and daytime-like color temperature. HMI Digital lamps are very robust, heat-resistant and offer impressive bright light up to 100 lumens per watt.

Osram’s LED Egin brand has introduced a 60-watt, seven-die LED with six individually controlled colors in their LuxiGen Platform.

The Traxon brand continues to compete in the architectural/install market with highly-ruggedized fixtures ranging in size from pixel products like the Media Tube HO (high-output) to their new long-throw ProPoint RGBW fixture with native optics of 2.5 degrees.