Mega Systems Inc

Mega was highlighting their new M-Series lighting fixtures. The M-Series is made of the MW1, MB1 and the MS1. Each unit offers different functions and effects. Their compact size and power allow them to be used in several applications.

Other new fixtures included the:

Obra Flood N180 –  a low profile wash unit that can be used to distribute bright colors evenly across any stage. Equipped with three 60W LEDs, it has nine different colors (red, deep red, fire red, green, aqua, lime, blue, UV and amber) that can be used to create an assortment of various colors. It is designed to create a clean wash effect, smooth color mixing transitions and generate vibrant colors that can transform any venue. 

Baby Color H84  is a ultra-compact, bright color changing fixture. Equipped with 7 12-watt LEDs, the output of the Baby Color H84 contends with the output of larger fixtures. The RGBWAUV LEDs produce a wide range of vibrant colors with the ability to add UV for an eerie hue effect. The fixture has a 20° beam angle and comes with a diffuser that increases the beam angle to 25°. The Baby Color H84 is controllable via DMX 512 and has strobe, macro, and dimmer effects. It has a double mounting yoke so it can to be set upon the floor or hung from a structure. It has a digital display designed for ease of use and is equipped with power con in and out and 5-pin XLR connection inputs and outputs. 

Drama FS 900  is an extremely powerful follow spot LED fixture. Faders and buttons are located on the included DMX controller. The unit has a color wheel that produces a red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white spotlight. It features a CTO wheel, used both for adjusting color temperature and the color hue of each primary and secondary color. The diameter of the spot can be easily adjusted with the unit’s built-in iris, great for long-throw highlighting of small objects on stage. The Drama FS-LED 900 has a fader for controlling the smooth dimmer. The unit ships with the stand and is compact, allowing for easy transport and use in cramped spaces.

From their Mega View line was the new Clearview video panels that have been newly designed to be semi-translucent to be used to create unique presentations.
Whether used in indoor or outdoor applications, this panel brings advertisements to another dimension.

They also showed their new Falcon Panel 4.  With the Falcon Panel, you can now take your show on the road with ease. This convenient, easy to install rugged production LED panel is an all-around excellent choice for your production and/or rental applications. These panels are 1000×500 and have an IP 65 rating.