Martin by Harman

Martin increases their presence in the automated LED fixture market with the expansion of their ERA series.  The ERA 400 Performance WRM and CLD fixtures both feature 300 watt LED white light engines and a 1:3 zoom range.  The ERA 600 Performance features a 550 watt LED white light engine and a 1:8 zoom range.  The ERA 800 Performance features an 800 watt LED white light engine and a 1:8 zoom range.  All of the fixtures feature a full curtain framing shutter system, along with CMY color mixing, color wheels, rotating and static gobos, iris, and prisms.  Frost and animation wheels are included in the 600 and 800 units.  All of these units should be available early in the first quarter of 2020.

Martin has also added the lamp based ERA 500 Hybrid IP fixture to the ERA range.  The fixture boasts an output of 22,000 lumens from a 370W short arc lamp with an extended lamp life of 6,000 hours.  A true hybrid fixture, the unit functions in three distinct modes: Beam, Spot, and Wash, and features a 1:20 zoom range.  The IP65 rating allows the fixture to be used in challenging environmental conditions.  The unit features full CMY color mixing, in addition to a color wheel that has three different CTO filters along with a range of saturated colors.  Finally, the unit features two prisms that can be utilized simultaneously, allowing for a wide array of mid-air effects in conjunction with the static and rotating gobo wheels.  This fixture will be available in April of 2020.