The Xtend XPC Power Control Series is composed of independently located remote relay modules that offer flexibility in installation and control.

The XPC Power Control Series, brings professional and dependable control to every venue, regardless of your wall space or power needs. With a range of products from a standalone 20 or 30 amp cube enclosure to a hardwired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20-amp circuits. This series brings automation to every installation regardless of size or location.

The family includes:

  • *XRM 20 Relay Module: a stand-alone 20A cube enclosure with two independent relays to control the two onboard duplex plugs
  •  XRM 30 Relay Module: a stand-alone 30A cube enclosure with a single relay switch that controls a single 30A L5-30 receptacle
  •  XRS 20 Rack Sequencer: a 1RU rack-mounted enclosure powered from a 20A circuit to provide control to three duplex receptacles, each of which has its own relay switch for onboard sequencing
  •  XRS 80 Rack Sequencer: a hard-wired vertical rack-mounted strip that can manage up to four 20A circuits that power four corresponding duplexes, each with its own relay switch to provide onboard control