This year, Lycian debuts “big light in a small package.” Introducing the Zot Jr., the baby brother of the original Zot. At just 20” long, never before has a follow spot offered this much light output from such a small size, with a throw distance of up to 80’. Taking the ultra-compact market by storm, the Zot Jr. offers American Quality at an import price. Quiet and cool, the Zot Jr. LED is perfect for budget-conscious schools, DJ’s, Clubs, and anywhere where a very compact fixture is required. Other features include a 5-color dichroic boomerang and Lycian’s first folding tripod. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Lycian also introduces the 1281 Superstar 1000 LED followpot, the industry’s first 1000w LED followpot, which boasts a 200’ throw and optional DMX control. It will be an excellent alternative to high power discharge fixtures.