LiteGear’s headquarters are located in beautiful Burbank, California where they design and develop all LiteGear products. Their in-house engineering team works full-time refining products and creating new and exciting designs. Their LDI 2019 Booth was filled with some of these new designs and were creating some excitement for their booth attendees. A lot of attention was on their partnership with Exalux for the Control One, an all-in-one DMX console that redefines the process of lighting control for film, television, theatrical and live event sets. The DMX fixture profile control of LiteGear, Exalux, Skypanel, Astera, Quasar and a growing list of others stand out as the primary feature that makes this product a must-have! Their booth was filled with a wide range of their innovative LED and phosphor technology for lighting as well as compliment small control and dimmer products. For more information visit their website.