Lex Products

Lex featured their new “Modular Tee Portable Three Phase – Power Distribution System” at LDI.  Utilizing L21-20 extensions, these compact assemblies are interconnected to become part of a temporary power distribution system. Systems may feed any number of electrical devices up to the full 20A rating of any phase. The overall length and complexity of the system is determined by the lengths and quantities of the extensions used as well as the types of outlet connectors chosen. With an inventory of Mod-Ts and L21-20 extensions, the user can meet the power needs of almost any Entertainment system. A 1/4”-20 threaded insert allows for mounting optional hardware, and color coded heat shrink indicates phasing: A – White, B – Red, C – Blue.

Also of note were their new True1 T’s designed to provide a single power circuit for convenient connection points in a portable configuration. The ‘plug-and-play’ topology eliminates the hard-wiring of boxes on fixed distances between devices. Power distribution layouts are configurable at the customer site. Ideal for placement on suspended pipes over the stage and on catwalks over the audience. Devices are configurable through the selection of cable length and connectors used.

Fed from a larger power source, the LOpSter Trap is a compact distribution unit that provides the power functions of a studio/location “lunch box” with the data functions of a five optically isolated output opto-splitter, eliminating the need for two separate boxes.This “Lunch Opto Splitter Box” has five NEMA 5-20 duplex and four USB Type-A receptacles to satisfy the power needs of many devices. Available in four configurations, the reliable opto-splitter processes communication protocols with a high degree of reliability. Hydraulic magnetic breakers will not nuisance trip at higher temperatures and are mounted flush for easy access and circuit identification. Threaded inserts for brackets provide easy mounting of C-Clamps. 

Also available in a wireless DMX version with four optically isolated outputs. The DMX512 Splitter/Repeater may act as either a transmitter or receiver with the touch of a button and utilizes CRMX or W-DMX for reliable wireless DMX transmission