High End Systems

High End Systems presents a unique fixture offering in the TurboRay.  Appearing on the surface to be a standard wash fixture, the unit features a “retro” look with radial diffuser blades to break up and spread out the beam.  However, this unit is based on an RGBW LED engine which can be controlled in quadrants, offering some very distinct beam based looks.  Combined with the custom animated gobo wheel, the fixture offers an outstanding array of combinations for aerial effects.  When utilized as a wash fixture, the unit features an 8° to 24° beam angle range.  The unit is based around four 60 watt RGBW LED engines and boasts an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours. 

            High End Systems also introduces the SolaPix series of LED wash fixtures.  Available in three sizes, the line consists of the SolaPix 7, the SolaPix 19, and the SolaPix 37, with the number referring to the quantity of LED emitters in the fixture.  The LED emitters are 40 watt RGBW chips and are capable of blending a color temperature ranging from 2800K to 8000K.  The units are capable of a versatile 4.5° to 60° zoom range.  There is a built in effects generator option for end users who choose not to do their own pixel mapping.  The design of the lens optics gives the fixture a unique look when compared to other competing units.  The SolaPix 7 and 19 units are available now, with the SolaPix 37 expected to be available in early 2020.