Chauvet Professional

First up is the Ovation CYC 1 FC, this 100% convection cooled cyc unit is packing a ton of punch into a small package. Featuring PowerCon in and out, built in kickstand, an RGBAL color engine, found in Chauvet Pro’s other Full Color Ovation units to render nearly any color with tremendous realism and saturation. The fixture has an integrated kick stand and included glare shield that can adjust and shape its throw and also features an included omega bracket. Given the low-profile of the unit, and that it isn’t blazenly branded on the side it can also be used effectively as a footlight.

The Maverick MK3 Profile features framing shutters, an adjustable CRI from 73 to 93 CRI for use as a key light for broadcasted events, 820W LED source, CMY and CTO color mixing, framing shutters, a 9:1 zoom that maintains a flat field even when fully wide, 2 Gobo wheels of which one is rotating, 2 independent and overlapping prisms, and 2 different levels of frost. Built-in 3 and 5 pin DMX along with EtherCon and onboard WDMX makes integrating the MK3 to an existing light rig quick and easy.

New to the LED panel lineup is the F2. These panels have a 2.9 mm pixel pitch LED video panel equipped with a high contrast 1,500 NITS and an impressive refresh rate of 3,840 Hz for crisp high-quality imagery. This high-performance video panel is the ideal solution for corporate events with text, high-res IMAG and any space with a shorter viewing distance. F2 set up is optimized by its advanced light-weight die-cast magnesium housing and magnetic assisted hanging features. This magnetic LED module is also both front and rear serviceable to simplify maintenance and installation. The fully equipped unit comes with a road case and power/data linking cables.