New this year from Robe at LDI 2019 is the Esprite moving head.  It is the first high powered LED Profile moving light to have a fully removable/replaceable LED light engine.  Robe wanted to address the problem that white Source LED engines cannot last forever and vary in color consistency over time.  The result is the 650w White Transferable Engine (WTE) light source that outputs 27,000 lm and produces a piercing brightness of 85,000 lux at 16 ft.  The Esprite embraces Robe’s spirit of innovation and determination to ensure that products remain ground-breaking and relevant in a highly competitive marketplace.

Tetra2 Light Curtain generates an ultra-bright 45-degree beam from each of its 18 pixels, The Robe Tetra can create a seamless curtain of light measuring 6,700 total lm.  A 10:1 zoom range washes out to 45 degrees for use as a footlight, wall grazer or dynamic in-air effect with fast-paced sweeping movements.      

Below is the show they did at PLASA in October – it’s very close to the LDI show – when we see the LDI version we’ll get it posted.