Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies was showing the capabilities of their CueServer Software Release 4.0.

4.0 is a major step forward for capabilities for the CueServer line that includes:

Web Stations 

Custom touchscreen layouts created using CueServer Studio can be published to virtually any device with a web browser. iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, or even our own Insite touchscreen – they all work the same way. Need to deploy lighting controls on large format touchscreen or mobile devices?


It’s like an App Store for CueServer. Users can extend the functionality of CueServer by simply dragging one of many available plugins into a project file. Need to control Hue lights or change scenes based on the weather? CueServer can do that!


CueServer is now multi-lingual. Users have always been able to use CueScript to program CueServer with commands like Cue 1 Go and Channel 3 @ 50. Now users can mix and match JavaScript code in their projects too. Need complicated logic or want to write your own Plugin? You’re good to go!

Functions & Event Handlers

CueServer programmers rejoice! Create subroutines in CueScript with Functions, and use Event Handlers to provide custom behavior for external triggers. These geeky things make programming CueServer even easier.