DeSisti Lighting

DeSisti Lighting unveiled their new line of  Variable White + Color ( VW+C  )  Fresnels and Softlights at LDI this year.   Their unique system utilizes the same Bi-Color White LED’s found in the Variable White fixtures but have added a new phosphor based  Red, Green, Blue & Amber color mixing system.  The Variable White + Color is offered in a variety of fixtures including : Super LED F6, Super LED F10, Soft LED4, and Soft LED 8.  The VW+C  LED Engine inside these fixtures produces a strong, soft quality of light.

De Sisti  VW+Color is controlled through 7 modes allowing the end user to pick a method that suites their application.

  1. Standard 6 color mixing
  2. Preset Gels + Referral source
  3. Variwhite mode + 4 colors
  4. Variwhite mode + color correction (+/- green +/- Cyan….)
  5. Hue Saturation intensity
  6. X, Y coordinates (extremely precise as based on 4 colors instead only RGB)
  7. Effects.