Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics new iColor Flex LMX gen 2 brings large, high-intensity, full color LED nodes together on a string to achieve extraordinary effects and extensive installation. iColor Flex adapts easily to any small, large, or inbetween project, and can be used for large-scale signage, building-fa├žade covering video, and other 2d and 3d instrallations. Multiple lensing options are available to help with beam spread and the look of the LED to make the nodes visually appropriate. iColor Flex is available in standard and custom spacing node spacing, custom strand length, and is easily adaptable in the field. All nodes are outdoor-rated IP66, and can be mounted directly on a surface or substrate, or in a custom wire mesh for grid-like applications. Flex comes available in RGB, tunable white, and static white (in multiple color temperatures). Flex is controllable via Color Kinetics controllers, which can easily take in DMX, and many legacy color kinetics controllers.