Vectorworks has continued to evolve what is truly the entertainment industry’s standard package of products for creative design and documentation.  Of particular interest to this audience will be Vectorworks’ offerings:  Spotlight, Vision, and Braceworks.  Spotlight is the core program for designing your space and placing equipment in it.  There have been refinements and improvements throughout the software including workflow optimizations and improved speed.  Vision is a previsualization and rendering package that integrates with data from Spotlight to enable offsite programming and cueing.  In their presentation, Vectorworks highlighted improvements in rendering of beams and projected patterns in Vision.  Finally, Braceworks is an add-on module for Vectorworks that helps with analysis of loads on temporary structures such as trusses.  Improvements for this year include the ability to layout and calculate bridles for points which also generates the hardware list for each point.

We highly recommend taking 15 minutes to review the video at the link below for a much better overview than we can give you in a text-only write-up.