Ushio / Zylight

There were some interesting fixtures of note in the Ushio / Zylight stand at LDI.

The NanoPix Slim 1200 is just over three feet long, the NanoPix Slim features 1,200 packed LEDs to produce extremely uniform light in a wide range of colors. It has a high CRI of about 93, adjustable color temperature from 2700-9000K, 7,000-lumen output.  Flicker-free operation, and 16-bit resolution dimming. Supports DMX and features an integrated BCD rotary switch for brightness and color control. Optional floor stands are available.

NanoPix Slim FR 1440 smallest floorlight ramp less than 2.5″  high with R/G/B/WW/CW 2700–9000 K.  It has a slim design and it has more than 1.400 LED’s makes the NanoPix Slim FR1440 unbeatable as a footlight on the forestage and doesn’t block the audience view, offering the same attributes of the 1200.  It has an adjustable shutter blade can limit the beam angle on top.   There is a built-in programmable safety light function, during a “black out” a few of the red, blue or green LED’s still remain on at a low level, invisible for the audience to performers or stage crew have some light on stage.

NanoPix 1440HP/2880HP  battens are ideal replacements for conventional RGBW fluorescent battens in theater, event, and studio lighting.  They deliver a CRI of more than 93, adjustable color temperature from 2700-9000K, 20 millisecond reaction time, and 16,000 lumen output. Based on the length of the fixture, it has a  linear housing of 1,440 or 2,880 LEDs to create uniform light distribution with a 150-degree beam angle and a wide range of colors.  The housing includes an integrated OLED display for setting color and brightness, as well as a sensor-controlled cooling system and DMX control.