Staging Concepts

Staging concepts provides modular staging components that fit seamlessly into venues to solve a variety of needs. The ability to do this with few, or even no tools is a wonderful boost for the people (us) who need to install them. They have a range of staging and riser units and for modular orchestra shell options as well. And in 2017, they launched a new initiative to offer rigging systems options as well. What drew my attention this year was the Uplift Stage and their acoustical shell offerings.

The Uplift Stage is a drill actuated scissor lift platform. The lift deck can go from 0” flush to the floor to 36” tall. The actual lift is a slightly more once you account for the recessed base of the platform. The best part of this lift platform is that it is achieved with nothing but a drill. The days of lifting the deck constantly over the course of multiple shows and events with brute force are now gone and replaced by a drill. At least for this part of the shift. It comes in standard shapes of 4’x8’ or 3’x8’, thought there are some customizable options. It fits with all Staging Concepts accessories, such as guardrails, skirting, etc. It has a permanent recessed anchoring and supports 150 PSF. The smooth transition of this lift happens in about a minute.

Another of their offerings on display at LDI this year that was particularly appealing to me was their acoustical shells. The appeal here was that you had a couple of options available to you depending on your budgetary constraints or customization needs. The two lines are the Bravado and the Aria. The Bravado line is designed for larger performance spaces with a standard tower height of up to 32 feet. The towers have movable wings that can lock into place allowing a wide range of choices. The panel finish options include painted, high pressure laminate, and wood veneer as specified by the customer. The Aria is a cost-effective solution that is ideal for simple solutions and smaller scale venues. The aria towers have a set width and heights from 16 feet to 20 feet in one-foot increments. The panel finish options for the Aria include painted and high-pressure laminate.

Both systems are designed to make storage and transport as simple as possible. The ceiling panels are available for each system with or without lighting options as you choose. They will also work with you to include doors and entrances as needed.