Rosco continues to refine their Opti-Sculpt line of diffusion filters. These durable diffusion filters provide precise and consistent beam control in 11 different patterns of beam spread, while only sacrificing 10% of light transmission. New this year is a tool to aid in the use of these filters.   Rosco’s website offers a simple calculator for determining the resultant beam angle when using any one of the available filters.  Simply enter the native beam angle of your fixture, choose a filter, and the calculator will figure out your new resultant beam angle.

Rosco Miro PendantAlso this year is a new option for the MiroCube line.  A Pendant mount can, into which any of the Mirocube products can be fitted, is now available.  This clean profile pendant enclosure can quickly convert the Cube line into an easy to mount architectural style fixture. With a simple twist of the frame, the MiroCube slides out of the enclosure, making for easy maintenance.