RC4 Wireless

RC4 wireless, based in Raleigh NC, manufactures a comprehensive line of Wireless DMX and LED dimming products. Debuting at LDI this year is the RC4 Wireless 6 channel dimmer-the only 6 channel wireless LED product on the LDI show floor.

Designers and Specifiers now have an even more reliable way of controlling 5 and 6 channel LED tape (or 2-RGB tapes from one dimmer!). The RC4 Magic Series 3 line operates in the 2.4GHz range and is found across theaters, venues, buildings, television and movie studios, and permanent installations across the world, and the RC4Magic DMX6dim-500 is the only 6-channel Wireless product in the market.

Users in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand fear not! RC4 also offers their 6 channel wireless dimmer in the 900MHz range.