Quasar Science

Quasar Science’s presence in the lighting industry started in TV and Film, but their products are finding their way into many other industry segments.

Quasar Science’s new Q-LION 3×1 kit features (3) of their Q-LION battery LED lamps (5”, 12” & 24”), plus (3) single chargers, (3) USB cables, (3) 3/8” Baby Pins, and the custom case and foam.

The need was there, and we’ve all been asking, so Quasar Science has partnered with Honeycrates to offer more accessories for their fixtures to control light direction and spill.  This was welcome news to many grips and LDs.

To mount multiple tubes Quasar showed their OSSIUM Linear LED Mounting System allows the user to combine multiple Q-LED lamps into large stacked arrays mimicking the panel form factor. Available in three sizes:

424 – Holds up to (24) Q50 lamps

412 – Holds up to (12) Q50 lamps

212 – Holds up to (12) Q25 lamps