Mega Systems / PR Lighting

Mega had an assortment of products at the LDI 2018 including some from PR Lighting.

Circa Scoop LED, is a new and unique fixture with four elements that can be used in various applications.  It has a lightweight housing and it features a variety of components.  This product can be used for concerts, houses of worship, theaters, and clubs.   It has a 45WW and Amber LED located in the center of the unit which creates a nice and warm sunset effect.  The “Reflective Pattern Ring” has an additional 87 WW LEDs, which creates a nice soft-edged effect to any setting. It also has an Inner Ring which has 144 RGB LEDs, 8 segment control and the capability to control the macro speed and dim down different colors enabling it to set a wide mixture of colors. The Outer Ring also has 8 segments and is equipped with an extra 192 RGB LEDs that illuminate a 140º angle. It can produce multiple color combinations and the ability to create authentic looks that can be used as dazzling eye-candy effects.

Spotbot LED CYM 300 a new affordable fully loaded it and all-purpose moving head.  It has a 300W LED engine that produces a bright and powerful projection.  It has a 7-degree to 31-degree zoom range that allows the unit to provide versatile settings.  It has an 8 facet rotating prism, 10 fixed and 7 rotating gobos that allow morphing between the focus and zoom.  It also offers the CYM color mixing allowing an assortment of color combinations.  Perfect multi-tool robust, full-size fixture to have in your lighting gear.  It is a multi-purpose lamp that can be used in large or small venues for concerts, clubs, and theater.

Washbot LED CYMK 300, has been designed to produce vibrant colors and defined shades of white. It is equipped with a 300W LED engine.  The kelvin color wheel allows the user to adjust the color temperatures from 7300K – 3900K.  Offering the capability to control various shades of white from bright cool to warm making it perfect for theater applications.  It provides 3 CTO filters 47K , 35K, and 33K which allows more control of the white tones.  This fixture also offers great color mixing with a smooth CYMK.  It has the ability to create great color combinations and unique bicolor capabilities including a tricolor RGB grouping.  It has been designed for stages, small and large venues and theater applications.

Drama FS-LED 800, a followpsot with a 350-W LED equivalent to an 800W lamp and brighter.  It has the capability to be controlled via DMX or fader control on the back of the unit, with a manual focus and zoom from 7 degrees – 13 degrees.  It has a color wheel with red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white for spotlight.  It also has a CTO wheel with 3200K, 4500K, & 5600K adjustable color temperature.  It has built-in iris great for longer throws that allows highlighting small objects on stage.  A compact unit for easy transport and it comes with the stand PowerCon type connection.

Drama VW2, new to the line with a 97.1 CRI for professional theater market.  It has a variable 250W white LED.  This allows you to create a cool and warm white projection within one fixture. Color tempartures from 2709K to 6487K.   The lenses not included with options available in 19, 26 & 36-degree barrels.

Drama Profile Q2, is part of the New Mega-Lite Drama Profiles series.  It is a very bright and colorful fixture.  This also has three different lens options 19, 26 & 36 degrees.  It has a 250W LED, making it an even color fixture.

iCandy Q18, a new sleek linear IP65 bar for indoor and outdoor use, it allows you to create different looks for various applications.  It has pixel control for effects and creating videos with pixel-mapping.  It has a total of 18 RGBW LEDS allowing for customized and creative designs.  The mounting hardware options include a single joint, star joint, sliding mount and center mount clamping.

PR Lighting:

XPar 150 unit, is an IP67 rated par with 150W LED, RGBW color mixing macro.  6 channels standard model and 12 channels in extended mode.

Polaris, a compact IP67 fixture with 14 channels of DMX,  DMX wireless, control, and extended mode of 39 channels,  It features 7 x 15W RGBW 4-in 1 SMT Led lamp.  It has a color temperature from 3200k – 10000k, and allows the user to control each pixel independently.  It has a strobe effect with pre-set buttons for strobe pulse effect, as well as rainbow, wash, beam effects, and spot mode with an assortment of macros.

Aqua LED 600 Spot, is an IP65 moving head that can be used for outdoor and indoor applications.  It has an LCD display and touch screen for easy control, with a total of 25 channels in short mode, and 31 channels in standard mode and 38 in extended mode.  A 600W White LED, replaceable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speed.  Modular structure for easy maintenance, Wireless DMX control, RDM, and Ethernet protocol.

XLED 3007, small moving head equipped with 7-20-Watt RGBW LEDS.  It offers a punchy beam, the beam angles are adjustable from 7 to 42 degrees, which transform from a beam to a wash, individual pixel control, RGBW linear color mixing with macros, DMX linear zooming, wireless DMX, individual pixel control for creative effects, and endless pan and tilt.

Phantom 440, a new moving fixture offering a beam, wash and spot Hybrid effects.  Equipped with a 440W HRI, Osram lamp, a fixed gobo wheel with 18 fixed gobos and one rotating gobo wheel with 7 rotating gobos, its own CTO channel, linear CMY color mixing with macros and frost filter, prism wheel with an 8 facet prims and 5 facet array that can create a variety of beam effects ideally for production applications.

Mega Systems also distributes their Mega View Mosaic LED video panel systems along with the complete line of RGB Link video processing tools.