MDG Me1g foggerIn the ACT Pavillion, MDG’s new Me1g is a glycol-based version of their popular Me1™ fog machine.  The Me1g, like the Me1 oil-based version, is a single nozzle fogger that can be controlled with DMX/RDM and utilizes the array of MDG’s glycol-based fluids.

The Me1g is for use when quick dissipating fog is needed.

MDG also introduced their new range of weatherproof fog and haze generators.  0-100% output can be controlled from your DMX / RDM device or direct local control; via 4-button LCD user interface, 3 standard USITT DMX512 channels, and XLR-5 connectors.  The system purges the heating module after the first heating cycle and after every emission of haze preventing residual build-up and clogging.

The ATMe WPE is the weatherproof version of the ATMe haze generator.  With its weatherproof and dust-resistant enclosure, this IP55-rated WPE version is ideal for outdoor use.  It features low noise emission (at 1m/3.3ft): 45.4 dB in standard mode. The theatre mode reduces the fan speed depending on haze output level.  At 1.38 bar (20 psi) ATMe uses only 55 ml (1.86 oz) of fluid per hour to give a total running time of 46 hours from its 2.5 L (0.66 US gallon) reservoir.

Me1 WPMe1 WPE is the smallest in the family of fog generators, now available in a weatherproof version.  With its single nozzle, the maximum fog output is 100 m3 (3,531 ft3) per minute.  At maximum output (2.76 bar / 40 psi) Me1 uses only 1 L (0.26 US gallon) of fluid per hour.

Me2 WPE is the more powerful twin of Me1 WPE, housed in the same weatherproof enclosure but with twice the power.  With its two nozzles, the maximum fog output is 200 m3 (7,063 ft3) per minute.  At maximum output (2.76 bar / 40 psi) Me2 uses only 2 L (0.53 US gallon) of fluid per hour.