This year Lycian had a range of options available to see up close and personal. They brought some of the long-standing favorites including the ClubSpot 7.5, Zot LED, Zot 1.5, SuperStar 1.5, 1290 2K Xenon, and the 1295 ELT with the 4K lamp. In addition to the long-standing favorites they also had 2 brand new options that will soon be available on display: the SuperStar LED and the SuperStar 17C.

The SuperStar LED is a 600w LED follow spot with the options that our industry needs. It offers a 7-15-degree beam angle, an internal electronic flicker-free power supply, trombone for variable focal optics, ultra-smooth mechanical dimmer, fine focus to soften and harden the edge, an internal 6-color boomerang, and a quiet cooling fan. The SuperStar LED offers brilliance and a clean beam all while running comfortably cool.

The SuperStar 17C, like the others in the SuperStar line, offers optics with a well thought out design and intelligently clustered controls making the follow spot operators show control more streamlined. Optically, the 17C offers a faceted dichroic glass reflector, single lever variable focal optics, rapid focus mechanism, dichroic and frost rings, and the Lycian produced nichrome iris. Other features include an ergonomic control cluster with iris and fader and an internal 6 color, self-canceling boomerang for optimal balance.  This fixture is supplied with the folding 3 leg base with locking casters and integrated leveling jacks. The easy access to the followspot interior is also worthy of note making the maintenance much less of a headache.

And as always, both of the newest followspot options from Lycian, like the rest of their fixtures, are “Made in New York, by New Yorkers, with a couple of guys from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”