LiteGear MirageMirage 400i  – A VFX-oriented fixture that focuses on producing high-quality Hybrid and Blue/Green Screen light. It is a retrofit to existing Kino Flo® Image 80/85/87 fixtures in which a flat panel with an array of tungsten, daylight, green, and blue LEDs is affixed to an Image 80/85/87 housing using four thumb screws. The Mirage Hybrid output benefits from the addition of the blue and green emitters in that Planckian Hybrid output can be achieved, allowing the output to follow the Planckian curve from approximately 2600K to 11000K. Mirage is controlled by one of LiteGear’s most advanced dimming controls to date, and the entire Mirage system – assembled completely and left intact – fits perfectly into existing Image 80 cases.

The new LiteGear Cinema Series of LED LiteRibbon is an applied phosphor LED.  With staggering CRI and full-spectrum output, the Cinema Series is 40% brighter than the previous VHO Pro LiteRibbon.  This all-new LiteRibbon proudly joins the LiteGear Cinema family of unified color-space products including LiteMat S2, LiteMat+ Plus, and LiteTile+ Plus.

Studio Series LiteRibbon – The new LiteGear Studio Series of LED LiteRibbon is an affordable, color-correct, studio-grade material designed for high volume installations across multiple departments. This readily available LED lighting solution guarantees a matching color space and rock-solid reliability from the brand you can trust.

LiteMat+ Plus 8 – This is the largest LiteMat in the product line. Measuring nearly 4 feet by 4 feet, LiteMat+ Plus 8 provides 400 watts of Hybrid light from 2600K to 6200K all on one stand. Kits will include all of the typical accessories including skirt, diffusers, and an all-new LiteDimmer+ Plus power unit