Lex Products

Lex Products continues to showcase their PCS TRIO installation line. The PCS Trio comes in 4-, 8-, and 16- module cabinets, and can use any combination of their 6 dimmer/relay card modules. Each module hold’s up to 3 circuits of dimmed power or relay control. The PCS Trio system enables users to power a wide range of devices in a single panel, and also integrates seamlessly with other power control and management products in the PCS family. PCS Trio is available in both installation and touring models.

Lex also continues to improve their PowerData Cable line, featuring power and data in one insulated sleeve. Any combination of power connectors (Edison, Stage Pin, Powercon, TrueCon1) and 5 pin DMX in one piece helps cut down on running multiple cables in crowded locations.

Also of note, molded Powercon>Truecon 1 adapters. (Who hasn’t tried to daisy chain multiple fixtures with both Powercon and Truecon1 connectors!)