GLP (German Light Products)

GLP returned to LDI this year to continue showing off their impressive X4 fixture family.

Debuting this year are several new products. In the Moving Light family, the Impression E350 and S350 are supercharged with a white LED engine and baseless design. Both fixtures are extremely quiet, and the S350 features a 90+ CRI and framing shutter system.

New to the GLP line at LDI this year are the KNV LED system. The KNV Cube and KNV Arc both feature a 5×5 grid of LED pixels. The KNV family is a multi-use Strobe/Audience Blinder and Pixel fixture. Both fixtures fit together seamlessly and modularly, and both fixtures have a 5×5 LED grid so continuity of light is guaranteed.

Also featured was the Cosmic truss Helix style truss-featuring a double helix design, the helix isn’t just decorative-it can be used for both structural and aesthetic purposes.