Gantom Lighting and Controls

Gantom Storm SeriesGantom has brought out their new Storm Series of fixtures and cable. The fixtures and cables are IP65 rated and include four of their most popular types.

  • Storm Z – Micro Spot Light / Floor Light
  • Storm DMX DW – Dynamic White Spotlight / Floor Light
  • Storm DMX RGBW – RGBW Spot/ Flood Light
  • Storm Form – Profile Spotlight

Cables for the Storm series are their PRO Cable line of 5 conductor cable with IP65 rated connectors and carry fixture power and DMX to each light.  Cables are available in standard lengths of 2m and 5m and custom lengths are available.

Gantom also offers a T Connector that allows up to 72 Storm Z fixtures, 24 Storm DMX or 12 Storm form at the 24V input voltage.

For indoor applications, Gantom recommends their G8 Distribution box and Pro Cables.  The G8 will distribute DMX and power to 8 fixtures and comes in a variety of options for hard wired connections or plug and play models.