Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor DMX DoohickeyDr. DMX has long been the go-to guy for all things DMX.  His products are used industry wide for testing and stable reproduction of DMX Signals.  But now we can also turn to the team at Doug Fleenor Design for all of our sACN & Artnet needs.  New for this year is the DMX doohickey – the name is the only thing funny about it.  This tiny device is designed to detect the address on channel 512 of a DMX universe.  With hundreds of DMX universes available in sACN range people are beginning to identify them by parking channel 512 at the same value as the universe they are using.  (universe #1 = channel 512 @1%)  The DMX doohickey quickly identifies that DMX universe.

Preset 10 Ethernet Architectural - EthernetPreset 10 Ethernet is a new 10-button station for Snapshot Capture and Architectural Playback of up to four (4) universes of DMX.  These universes are collected from the sACN stream via RJ-45 with support for POE switches.  Multiple stations may operate on the same network.  Also new for this year is the 8 Channel Ethernet to Analog Interface.  This device will accept sACN or ArtNet protocols and convert them into 0-10V outputs for control of analog equipment and lighting.  Another product that has made the jump from DMX to Ethernet-based protocols is the famous 1 Channel Relay Pack.  This product is used to quickly control the power to simple devices such as fans, hazers, projectors, practicals, and non-DMX products.