disguise (formally d3)

disguise Media Server systems have been getting a lot of notice this year in the entertainment industry.  With tours like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and The Rolling Stones it is hard for them to go unnoticed.  However, media servers are no longer just for concerts and big events like the Grammy’s.  disguise media servers are also being used in Broadcast, Fixed Installs, and Live Theatre.  disguise has built a reputation that has quickly carried them to the top of the industry.  This reputation is built on two things: Rock Solid Hardware and a Community of Users.   All of disguise’s media servers offer 3D visualization and set up, stunning effects and robust programming features.  The disguise product line is scalable from a single 4K output to as many as 16 outputs.  And every media server is sold with formal training from disguise’s dedicated support team.  The collaborative nature of the disguise organization is what draws users with new ideas to them.  They work tirelessly to include existing technology and add new technology to their software every day.  A great example of this is their implementation of Notch, a real-time graphics generator which provides users with stunning visual effects.  A second example is the collaboration between disguise and Black Trax, a 3D tracking systems which enables disguise users to project on any moving surface, object, or subject.  New for LDI disguise introduced the VX 4 a new piece of hardware completely redesigned from the ground up.  It includes:

  • 16 x 3G-SDI inputs (4 x 4K@60fps max)
  • 16 outputs via 4 x VFC Output Slots (4 x 4K@60fps max)
  • Support for 10-bit color and HDR
  • Network connectivity: 2 x 1Gb/s, 2 x 10Gb/s, 2 x 25Gb/s
  • New version 15 software

Also new for this year is OmniCal.  Omnical is a system of proprietary cameras that allow end users to calibrate all of the projectors to their corresponding projection surfaces in mere moments instead of minutes or hours.