Blizzard Pro

Blizzard rolled out four new fixtures in their Willy Wonka-themed booth at LDI.

The N-Trance is a moving head fixture with a direct view ring of LEDs on the front edge to enhance the visual impact of the unit.  N-Trance’s 90W white 7000k LED sports a narrow 2deg beam and the fixture’s LED Ring sports bling with 86pcs of direct view RGB LEDs with Full pixel mapping capabilities

The Super G 150 is a 150W 7500K color temp main beam with a 12deg projection angle.  It has a 7 color + white color wheel, 1 static gobo wheel w/ 7 gobos, 1 rotating gobo wheel with space for 6 gobos, 3 facet prism, and can operate in auto and sound activated modes.

Blizzard also introduced the Red Stone line of fixtures.  The 440 Profile is a framing CMY moving head with a 440W 7500K cool white LED engine, full CMY color mixing, and a linear CTO color correction. There is also a 7 color + open color wheel w/ half colors7 glass gobo + open.  For accurate beam control, there are 8 blade framing shutters, Iris and for effects, there is a rotating prism plus frost filter.

To cut down on wires the 440 has built-in Wireless DMX , and wired DMX, RDM, Art-NET.

There was also the 240WZ Wash moving head with RGBW LEDs, a  zoom range of 5deg – 70deg, rotating prism beam effects, and 5 dimming modes w/ 4 dimming curves.

Like the other Red Stone fixtures, it has wireless DMX and wired DMX, RDM, Art-NET.