Nila Lighting

Nila is now shipping their Varsa 2 fixture which is an IP65 rated, daylight LED fixture.  The Varsa 2 draws 75W and can be powered from 100-240V AC or 10-18V DC sources.  5,600K single-color LEDs with a CRI of 90 and a TLCI of 86 are used in the Varsa 2.  A range of holographic film, spread lenses are offered to provide beam shaping.  With the 10-degree lens at 10ft the fixture delivers 500fc according to the manufacturer’s data sheets.  Control is via easy to understand onboard buttons or wired DMX with RJ45 connectors.

The fixture is constructed of aluminum and provided with a yoke and junior pin/ baby receiver.  The assembly weighs 11 pounds and the head is 8.25” long, 8.75” wide, and 13” high (including the yoke).  A built-in Chimera mount is part of the design as well.  Control and power connectors are provided with covers to maintain the IP rating when not in use.  Finally, the unit is passively cooled (fanless) for silent operation.