Zylight ZoomThe Zylight drew a lot of attention from the lighting community this year with a hands-on footprint and new for NAB Zylight introduced the Pro Zoom & Pro-Zoom Plus Range of LED Ellipsoidals.  The Pro Zoom is a 200W Tungsten or Daylight Ellipsoidal with 18° – 36° barrel and 30° – 55° barrel options.  The Pro-Zoom Plus is a 230W Daylight or Ellipsoidal for longer throws and utilizes a Narrow 8° – 22° barrel.  Also new for NAB is the Pro-Palette LED Cyc light.  This 350W RGBW

Also new for NAB is the Pro-Palette LED Cyc light.  This 350W RGBW cyc light fixture has an asymmetric distribution for smooth even coverage for up to 25’ in height when hung at a distance of 5’ from the cyclorama.

Zylight will also distribute NanGuang’s compact LED Fresnels and soft panel lights, as well as FXLION’s battery and charger product lines throughout North and South America.

NanGuang’s F Series LED Fresnels provide compact, cost-effective lighting options. Ideal for portable lighting kits, F Series lights are available from 30w to 400w. Features include brightness control, barndoors, and carrying cases, plus variable color temperature, DMX, and silent cooling in some models. NanGuang also produces compact soft lights that will be kitted with the Fresnels as part of Zylight’s offerings.

With FXLION, production professionals enjoy the benefits of Li-ion batteries over Ni-MH models, including longer life cycles and lighter weight. Its high-capacity battery choices include 14.8v and 26v bricks, the Skypower 48v modular battery system that allows brick batteries to be configured in multiple arrays, and custom power solutions.

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