Vitec Group – Litepanels

Litepanels-Fresnel-panelBig news in the lighting world for Vitec Group is that Litepanels has shaken up their entire line of LED fixtures. Smaller updates like using a brighter LED chipset with more output in their existing Sola 4 & Sola 6 fixtures. To major changes like discontinuing the Astra, Astra EP, and Astra E series and replacing them with their new Astra 3x and Astra 6x fixtures! As you guessed the numbers correspond to how many times brighter they are to the old 1×1 series fixtures. Both come in a bi-color or Daylight array and still use the previous generations of Astra‚Äôs accessories and control modules.

Also, while not officially released yet, Litepanels is also developing two new exciting fixtures. First up is a Bi-Focus panel fixture that can go between spot and flood. The second is a color changing panel which will give you the ability to not only change the color temp of the light but mix saturated color and do subtle color corrections like plus & minus green. Both lights will give you another tool in the toolbox for getting the perfect light you need on your next shoot. Stay tuned for official release date info!