Visionsmith came to NAB with the newest version of their led replacement option, the ReLamp system. After two years in the field, Pete at Visionsmith felt it was time to improve on his innovative LED replacement modules. The new upgrades feature a new housing that creates a tighter, more secure fit in the fixture, assuring the ReLamp module remains seated in the socket during transit and when handling during the shoot.  This new feature, coupled with a new, more robust circuitry platform, creates an efficient and wholly reliable LED replacement option your current fixture inventory. With these new features and a two-year warranty, you can now keep your tungsten fixtures and upgrade to LED with confidence in both the reliability of the device and your return on investment. The ReLamp system pays for itself in energy saving as you use it.

Visionsmith XumVisionsmith also featured their innovative Hexolux fixture. This is not just a light head. This system feature interchangeable accessories that allow the fixture to be used as a Fresnel or in run-and-gun applications. The modular form-factor allows for unparalleled versatility. The Xum seven-inch Fresnel attachment has a pan and tilt feature, allowing the user to light a field with a gradient. Light a green screen or a group of people from the side with uniform illumination. With the Run Gun configuration, the fixture can run on line-current or with battery power. The five-inch zoom attachment can take a soft box and has a zoom range of 11 to 70 degrees. Couple these accessories with a lightweight and robust fixture available in either tungsten or daylight output, and the Hexolux lighting system ready for the studio or for location use.

For more information about VisionSmith products contact your local Barbizon office.