Rosco Labratories

New to the Rosco Silk family of film and broadcast lighting fixtures is the Silk 110 model with a 15.9”x15.5” form factor weights less than 10 lbs.  The Silk is known for video and film application that demand extremely color-accurate, high-quality light. The V2.0 Silk software is now available and can be downloaded into any existing Silk fixture. The new software features include 16 bid resolution, (4) selectable dimming curves, new color profiles and increased control of color temperature down to 50 degree kelvin increments.  Silk will now support Lumen Radio wireless DMX receivers as an option.  Rosco is weeks away from final production of their new Silk model 205; 6”x2’ and Silk model 305; 6”x3’ Silk form factors.  Previews of the new Silk model 220; 2’x2’ and Silk model 410; 4’x1’ were also on display and are expected to start shipping in August.

The Rosco Gaffer Kit, LED tape line is now offering a tunable white strip model and coming later this month the RGB model will be available in RGBW.


Also new from Rosco is the Image Spot. It features a highly efficient optic design that ensures clean, sharp image projection up to 40 feet (12m) away. Whether you need to project attention-grabbing imagery, company logos, or simply create texture in a space with breakup gobos – the Image Spot’s high-quality optics provide crystal clear gobo projection for any lighting scheme.

Its compact, lightweight design provides an impressively bright output of 3000 lumens using a mere 45 watts of power. Measuring in at 7.8in x 4.8in x 3.2in.

Available in two models – IP40 and IP65 – the Image Spot can be installed in dry or wet locations. This enables designers to not only project corporate messaging inside a lobby or entryway, they can also now easily project restaurant logos on the sidewalk, retail advertising on an awning or even illuminated texture across the façade of a building.