MYT Works

MyT Works Skater DolliesMYT Works continues to bring customizability and versatility to the slider and portable dolly market. Featured this year were their Skater Dolly and Glide Slider models, as well as their innovative tripod head systems. Glide Sliders are available in three sizes, supporting anything from a small DSLR to a full broadcast camera rig. The unique bearing design ensures a smooth move every time, and removable high-hats allow¬†for fast setups and efficient re-configuring of dolly systems. Skater Dollies come in full kits with Mitchell, 100mm, and 75mm bowl adapters, and stand mounts for the track ends. The Skater systems interface with standard speed rail for custom runs of track as long as the shot requires – MYT’s internal splicer keeps the pipes together with no disruption to the camera’s smooth movement.