Matthews Studio Equipment

Matthews Grip introduced the MyWay Grip system, the world first interchangeable rigging system. Currently, MyWay offers thirteen mounting options, ranging from a baby plate to a twelve-inch c-clamp and offers attachments to meet every need, including a variety of baby pin and junior pin options, as well as threaded adapters.

This system is designed with utility and efficiency in mind. Barbizon customers will find this system frees up valuable milk crate space and adds a level of flexibility not found with standard grip gear. With the pull of a pin, a wall plate can be changed from baby pin to a junior receiver is seconds, all while already mounted on scene.

In the world of camera support, Matthews does not disappoint. They showcased the Elevator system, a counterbalanced elevation tower designed to give camera operators 25.5” of smooth vertical movement, as well as a complete 360 degrees of rotation. It is designed to work with a variety of camera platforms including the Matthews Slider, Doorway Dollies, and The Dutti Dolly.

The system gives the ability to create compelling vertical camera moves without having to rely on conventional dollies or cranes. The 25.5” of travel will cover the range between sitting and standing positions.

The Elevator features a simple 1:1 counterweight using Olympic barbells, infinite 360-degree panning, multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes for mounting accessories and or triangulating. Its will support any camera/ fluid head combo up to fifty pounds.

Matthews is also showed a line of furniture and lamps made from stands – more information on that coming soon!

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