Lumos – DMLite USA

Lumos introduces the Glow Panel 400C to the NAB show floor this year.  Utilizing the same form factor as the Glow Panel 400F, this new fixture introduces full RGBW LED capability, allowing a color temperature range from 2800K to 10,000K as well as full-color mixing.  Constructed with an all-metal body, the fixture features flicker-free operation, and can be controlled via on-board controls, or remotely via DMX and RDM protocols.  Drawing 400 watts under nominal operation conditions (450 watts maximum), the fixture features a bracket which allows for mounting the remote power supply to the fixture itself if desired.  The fixture boasts an output equivalent to a 2.5 kw tungsten fixture, and a CRI of 95+.  Various mounting options and diffusion accessories are available.