Chauvet Professional

Chauvet Professional headed to NAB this year with their line of video walls, fixtures, and control for content creators.

They had their line of LED profile, fresnel, and wash lights, many with IP 65 ratings for outdoor use.

Chauvet’s Ovation E-260WW / E-260CW profile fixtures are powered by a single source LED that exceeds the output of a 750 W tungsten light source. This warm or cool white ERS-style fixture boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection. Control options like selectable PWM, RDM, and selectable dimming curves round out this virtually silent ellipsoidal. The Ovation E-260WW is also available in a white housing to blend into architectural applications.

Chauvet also recently completed the acquisition of ChamSys Ltd., the Southampton, UK-based designer, and manufacturer of lighting controllers. At NAB they were showing the new MagicQ MQ500 which features multi-touch displays in full HD with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support.

The MQ500 Stadium has inbuilt MagicVis 3D visualiser with high quality beam and gobo rendering.

The MQ500 Stadium supports up to 200 universes onboard direct from the console without the need for external processing.  MagicHD media server runs on board enabling pixelmapping to all 200 universes.