BB&S Lighting

BB&S Lighting of Denmark has increased the available options for the popular Pipeline FREE series of LED softlights.  Formerly available only in 12” and 24” versions, the line has now expanded to include 4”, 8”, 36”, and 48” sizes.  All fixtures are available in 3200K, 4300K, or 5600K color temperature options, and boast a 50,000+ hour lifespan in addition to a Television Lighting Consistency Index of 95+.  Fixtures are locally dimmed and powered via the included power supply.  Soft bags are available to allow the end user to create a kit to suit virtually any remote lighting situation.

If DMX control is desired, choose from the selections available in the Pipeline Raw series.  For a self-contained fixture option, choose either the 3’ or 4’ Pipeline 4-Bank series.  These fixtures can be powered and controlled from an available 48V power supply, which in turn can be controlled remotely via DMX.