Arri SkyPanelThe new ARRI SkyPanel is an exceptionally versatile LED soft light; compact, fully tunable and delivering light of unsurpassed power and quality.  Because different application areas call for different light needs, SkyPanel has been designed as a series of fixtures.  The S120 is the largest member of the SkyPanel family,  the S60 the mid-range model and the S30 is the smaller, more portable version.

  • Fully Tunable
  • Tremendous Output
  • True Soft Light Beam Quality
  • Outstanding color Rendition
  • Remote Phosphor Version
  • A single Soft, Clean Shadow
  • Familiar but revolutionary
  • Versatility Built-In
  • Powerful Mobility
  • Large Aperture
  • Thin Profile
  • Built to Last

The popular SkyPanel family of LED soft lights continues to improve with its third major firmware update.  Bringing 10 new features and numerous refinements, SkyPanels firmware 3.0 is a free update that can be downloaded by users and installed in any SkyPanel fixture.  SkyPanel firmware 3.0 allow for more control and creativity tan ever before.