Total Structures

total-structures-haloCelebrating 25 years Total Structures introduced their unique Halo system that allows operators of their 18” & 20.5” tower systems to provide fully engineered fall arrest provision to technicians needing to climb ground support towers or gain access to self-climbing ground support truss grids.

The Halo allows multiple vertical & horizontal fall arrest & wire rope ladder connection points at various locations along its structure to allow the operator to configure the most user friendly system possible depending upon the unique requirements of each system set-up. Connections points are made available on convenient industry standard 9” connection centers via pre-engineered fall-arrest “D-Bolt” anchors.

Total-Structures-Sky-NetTo add more safety Sky-net from Total Structures allows the addition of a fully engineered & tested fall-arrest net system to Total’s industry leading outdoor stage ladder roof system.

Using only five different components, Sky-net allows the user to add proprietary 10ft x 10ft nets to as many bays of the roof as required to provide fall arrest provision for technicians needing to access the system without the use of man-lifts or similar. With each installation being engineered alongside the main structural payload requirements of the roof the number of allowable technicians can be determined between operator & engineer in order to meet the requirements of each event.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-48-33-pmFrom Total’s PointMan chain motor hoist line they introduced their Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoists. Until now your choice of power supply was limited.  Single or three phase operation with no opportunity to convert.  However, now with Flex-Phase hoists by PintMan Lifting you no longer have to make that choice. These hoists are designed to be used on either single phase 115V or three phase 187V – 253V at 60hz. Switching from one to the other is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the power tail.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products

FireflyWant to protect your cables and lessen trip hazards? The ILLUMINATED FIREFLY 5-CHANNEL CABLE PROTECTOR has built-in battery powered LED lights in the ramps and brightly colored lids for increased visibility in low light situations. The Illuminated Firefly cable protectors now have a Dog Bone connector to link with any Guard Dog or Yellow Jacket cable protection system. High-visibility lid colors make it easily seen in low light conditions. Battery-powered LED lights built into side ramps. Interconnects directly to a standard cable protector with a dog bone connection. Protects cables and hoses up to 1.325″ outside diameter and has an all-weather polyurethane construction.