Global Truss America / Duratruss

Global Truss America and Duratruss offer professional and affordable trussing products that are lightweight, but strong – and easy to assemble. Their products are made of high-quality aluminum and conform to the most exacting standards.

Global maintains an extensive inventory of truss in our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse to ensure quick deliveries and a high fill rate. If you are considering a custom design they have a professional in-house CAD team. If you need special colors they also offer powder coating in RAL colors to give you greater design flexibility.

Global also stocks a line of truss-inspired furniture and podiums that come in handy for getting that right look for your next production.


H&H Specialties

H&H Specialties are designers and manufacturers of stage curtain track, curtain machines, and stage rigging equipment for nearly 50 years.

This year at LDI we noticed a handy item they’ve been working – it’s called the NO. 451 REALLY USEFUL CARRIER.  It utilizes 4 urethane-tired sealed ball bearing wheels are riveted to a machined black aluminum body for use with No. 410S or 410A Track. Carrier is provided with two Nylatron bearings integral to the body to keep unit centered in the track assembly. Carrier body is provided with a complement of mounting holes to enable attachment of scenery and various devices. Each unit has a working load limit of 200#.

451A same as No. 451 plus a third set of wheels to help prevent tipping of an unbalanced load.

Harrington Hoists

Harrington’s LX Mini Lever hoists are ultra-lightweight and compact yet extremely durable. Known as the perfect “toolbox hoists”, these little hoists have all the power you need. Revolutionary 1/2 Ton model is the only 1/2 Ton “toolbox” sized puller in the industry.

  • Capacities 1/4 Ton and 1/2 Ton
  • Compact, low headroom design makes it a perfect tool for use in tight quarters
  • Low pulling force required for ease of use
  • Effortless to transport, install & store
  • Free-chain adjusting mechanism for quick adjustments
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body with steel frame is compact and lightweight.
  • Weston-style brake is totally enclosed to protect against dirt, dust, and rain.
  • Rubber handle grip for ease of use.
  • Grade 100, nickel-plated load chain is corrosion and wear resistant.
  • strong hook latches include notched tip.
  • 5-foot lift is standard. longer lifts are available in both capacities.
  • sold individually or in convenient multi-packs— 1⁄4 ton in 6-packs and 1⁄2 ton in 4-packs.
  • Optional Heavy duty carrying case available.
  • Now available in black as well as silver

Harrington’s CX hoists are notably the world’s smallest hand chain hoists. Their light weight and extremely compact design make them ideal tools for high or difficult to reach places. Features include a metal chain guide for durability and smooth operation, grade 100 nickel-plated load chain and strong hook latches with a safety tip.

  • Unique design is extremely compact and lightweight
  • Aluminum body with steel frame provides superior strength.
  • Load limiter prevents the hoist from being used to lift damaging loads beyond rated capacity.
  • Very low force is required to lift load.
  • Metal chain guide allows smooth operation.
  • Effortless to transport, install and store.
  • Grade 100, nickel-plated load chain is corrosion and wear resistant.
  • Strong hook latches include safety tip.
  • 10-foot lift is standard, 20-foot lift is also stocked; nonstandard lifts and hand chain drops are also available.
  • Sold individually or in convenient 4-packs.
  • Now available in black as well as silver

Wenger / JR Clancy

Wenger / J.R. Clancy, the rigging juggernaut who announced their merger in 2016, continues to promote their broad product line and depth of expertise. For LDI 2017 they were on stand, in force, to promote their new offerings, upcoming for 2018

Virtuoso Acoustical Shell (with or without Transcend Active Acoustics)

Virtuoso is an acoustic shell that creates a virtual experience with an active system of microphones, speakers and digital signal processors instead of relying on the mass of a composite wooden structure. Essentially this system acts as a feedback monitor for all the musicians onstage, providing a uniform acoustical experience which

Virtuoso can either stand alone to improve the sound on stage or be paired with Transcend Active Acoustic System to create a full-venue solution for optimal acoustics, from the stage all the way through back of the house.  Transcend’s active acoustics algorithm results in a system requiring fewer microphones and speakers to provide a more reliable and stable system. This allows for streamlined, lower-cost installations than other systems on the market, and the best possible acoustic experience for any seat in the house

For facilities with limited storage, a ceiling/rigging system without structural capacity for a heavy wooden structure, or a lack of resources to set up and remove a shell on stage, Virtuoso provides a unique previously unattainable solution

The Maestro Acoustical Shell delivers impressive full-stage acoustics while creating live entertainment environments for performances at an affordable price. Maestro is packed with features, conveniences and performance aesthetics.

Maestro has been redesigned with construction and design improvements, providing a cost-effective solution for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement. It features mobile towers and rows of ceiling panels that form a full stage acoustic enclosure when placed together on stage. A separate wheeled mover easily lifts and moves the towers.

It can be easily configured to accommodate groups of varying sizes. Maestro’s counterweighted wall towers ensure stability and safety. And the design saves space since the individual towers nest together when not in use.

The Maestro line comes in a variety of configurations, offering an economical solution in comparison to Wenger’s top of the line,  highly customizable Diva Full-Stage Acoustical Shell.

Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC Booth LDI 2017ETC’s booth at LDI 2017 was awash in color as the new ColorSource CYC luminaire made its debut.  This new compact, affordable five-color LED cyclorama light that specializes in smooth washes and rich color.

ETC Ion XeAmong the other products making their first appearance at LDI were the Ion Xe and Ion Xe 20 consoles, which update the compact Eos® family desk with backlit keyboards, increased output, and the option of built-in faders.

Also showing for the first time was the Source 4WRD™ PAR and PARnel – which combine new fixture bodies with the Source 4WRD engine to create incredibly bright LED wash lights – and a Source 4WRD Daylight unit (5700K).

LDI attendees also saw new varieties of the Irideon™ FPZ  architectural luminaire and the GDS by ETC ArcLamp.  At the ETC Rigging stand was the Prodigy® P75 Self Climber hoist and a new, custom cart for the Foundation Desk.

Total Structures

total-structures-haloCelebrating 25 years Total Structures introduced their unique Halo system that allows operators of their 18” & 20.5” tower systems to provide fully engineered fall arrest provision to technicians needing to climb ground support towers or gain access to self-climbing ground support truss grids.

The Halo allows multiple vertical & horizontal fall arrest & wire rope ladder connection points at various locations along its structure to allow the operator to configure the most user friendly system possible depending upon the unique requirements of each system set-up. Connections points are made available on convenient industry standard 9” connection centers via pre-engineered fall-arrest “D-Bolt” anchors.

Total-Structures-Sky-NetTo add more safety Sky-net from Total Structures allows the addition of a fully engineered & tested fall-arrest net system to Total’s industry leading outdoor stage ladder roof system.

Using only five different components, Sky-net allows the user to add proprietary 10ft x 10ft nets to as many bays of the roof as required to provide fall arrest provision for technicians needing to access the system without the use of man-lifts or similar. With each installation being engineered alongside the main structural payload requirements of the roof the number of allowable technicians can be determined between operator & engineer in order to meet the requirements of each event.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-9-48-33-pmFrom Total’s PointMan chain motor hoist line they introduced their Flex-Phase Electric Chain Hoists. Until now your choice of power supply was limited.  Single or three phase operation with no opportunity to convert.  However, now with Flex-Phase hoists by PintMan Lifting you no longer have to make that choice. These hoists are designed to be used on either single phase 115V or three phase 187V – 253V at 60hz. Switching from one to the other is as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the power tail.

Mountain Productions

mtn-boxMountain Productions’ MTN BOX®Spektrum Series LG has been engineered and manufactured to meet the rigors and challenges inherent to the entertainment industry. Our proprietary design delivers an uncompromised level of strength and durability.

Constructed of a super tough polyethylene resin (10 times stronger than traditional laminate flight packs), the MTN BOX®Spektrum Series LG is resistant to chemicals, heat, dust and moisture. The material used is 90% recycled PE and will not degrade over time.

The result is a significantly extended lifespan when compared to the current industry standard. Your assets and resources represent a significant investment. Protect them with a case that not only meets, but exceeds these challenges.

The MTN BOX®Spektrum Series SM, has been engineered with the same focus on durability and versatility as our MTN BOX®. The smaller size of this case is ideal for various trucks and smaller storage loads.

Mountain’s Newest Offerings: Vibe MTN and MTN Film

Mountain Productions is expanding with new Vibe and Film capabilities. At MTN Film we are passionate about storytelling and our creative team is there to craft the visual journey for your brand or event with pre-production, production, and post-production capabilities. Our Vibe MTN offering will create stunning scenic for events and creative conceptual development for the most unique and captivating brand activations. Learn more about Vibe MTN and MTN Film by talking with our CEO, Ricky Rose, about these exciting additions and our growth into the west coast market.parnelli

Congratulations to MTN Productions for winning the 2016 Parnelli Award for Staging Company of the Year!

Electronic Theatre Controls

14715613_10153788658225946_2889833231113460018_oIn addition to the new, evolved logo reveal at LDI – ETC had some interesting new things to show off.

Gio @5™ brings the high-end control of the larger Eos® family consoles to venues with smaller booths – or smaller budgets.

ETC Gio @5This portable console packs all the control necessities into a compact footprint, so external monitors and accessories are optional. With an articulating, 17-inch, multi-touch LCD display, five definable and page-able motorized faders and a master fader pair, Gio @5 is the perfect step up for Ion® users who want expanded hands-on access to playbacks, color control, touchscreen Magic Sheets and more.

Key features of the Gio @5 console include:

  • The Gio/Eos Ti® facepanel layout, including the backlit keys, master fader pair, and fader controls keys
  • 5 60mm motorized faders and associated controls/displays
  • 1 integral, 17-inch, articulating multi-touch monitor
  • 2 sets of controls keys along the left side of the display
  • 2 network ports (Non-PSE) and 4 Hardline DMX/RDM ports
  • 1 Littlite port
  • Contact closures for remote triggers
  • Output capacities from 2K to 32K, upgradable in 1K increments
  • Support for up to two external high-resolution multi-touch monitors
  • Compatibility with all Eos family accessories

Also in the booth was the ColorSource Consoles – including the AV version that does basic audio and video cues.

sensor-iqSensor IQ 277V brings the function and form-factor of the current 120V Sensor IQ to a broader market. With options for 15-, 20-, and 30-amp one-pole hydraulic-magnetic breakers, this panel is ideal for commercial facilities such as arenas, stadiums, and convention centers. These panels will soon be available in 240V models for the non-CE international markets.

Also making its first appearance at LDI was be the Source 4WRD™retrofit, which transforms full-sized conventional Source Four® fixtures into LED luminaires.

cs-linear-irid-fpzIn fixtures, there was the brand-new ColorSource® Linear striplight. LDI show attendees also got demos of the Irideon™ FPZ architectural luminaire, the GDS CueSystem cue light system, and the Prodigy® P75 Self Climber hoist.

Doughty Engineering

doughty-carriageDoughty Engineering’s new Articulated Carriage made its official debut at this year’s LDI show. The Articulated Carriage allows the Studio Rail perimeter tracks to be used for scenery or lighting – a significant benefit to both TV and theatre applications. It consists of a laser profiled 6mm back-bone chassis with independent bogies attached at either end. Both bogies are fitted with guide wheels to steer the carriage around each curve. One bogie is fitted with a large hook for pole operation while the other features a pole-operated brake. The Three Point Receiver allows the spigot to rotate freely when corners are encountered, allowing two carriages to work in unison.